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How Much Does an Electric Fan Cost to Run?

Electric fans have been forgotten amidst the increasing popularity of air conditioning which makes up about 10% of global energy consumption. Furthermore, it’s estimated that ACs will be the largest source of global energy demand, only second to the industrial sector by 2050. Today, electric fans have come a long way from being considered a Read more »

How Does a Pedestal Fan Work?

With summer approaching, everyone is already on the lookout for mechanical fans to cool themselves. Convenient, affordable, quiet, and efficient- pedestal fans tend to be a perfect choice. Nonetheless, here’s a good comparison of all the different types of fans and why you should choose a pedestal over them. Types of Fans There are mainly Read more »

How Do Tower Fans Work?

Tower fans may look like modern art for they are a sleek alternative to cool rooms when the temperatures start soaring. What makes it striking is its size which makes it suitable for any space. Features of A Tower Fan Any high-quality tower fan is created to provide efficient results for spaces like homes, offices, Read more »

Gas vs Oil vs Electric Heating

With each passing day, we are becoming highly dependent on heating systems. Winters have become equally extreme as summers. Hence, installing the perfect electric systems has become a necessity. In the UK, central gas heating is a familiar source of relief from the chilly weather. In fact, 77% of UK residents use gas heating to Read more »

Electric Radiators vs Electric Panel Heaters

As you compare multiple websites to explore the electric heating sector for new heaters for your residence, you’ll undoubtedly come across something perplexing. You’ll stumble over a variety of electric heating solutions while shopping for the most outstanding deal, and deciding which one is the best is a critical decision. When it comes to heating Read more »

How Many Watts Does An Electric Blanket Use?

Are you worried about how keeping warm during the harsh UK winters, and find yourself also determined to have low power bills? If yes, then electric blankets are the solution you’re looking for. An electric blanket is exactly what it sounds like, a blanket with elements that heat up to keep you warm in cold Read more »

Electric Blankets: Pros and Cons

Do you often feel chilly, and your blanket fails to provide you with extra warmth? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Electric blankets are becoming a more popular electrical appliance to buy these days. While they come with valid concerns, modern electric blankets can give you many benefits compared to regular blankets. This article Read more »

Do Electric Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity?

As the weather turns colder, it’s an enticing thought to switch from using a traditional heater to an electric heater. The draw of an electric heater is that it does not give out any emissions, making it more environmentally friendly as compared to other alternatives. This makes it seem like the ideal solution to staying Read more »

Different Types of Heaters

Heaters are an essential part of the HVAC sector and their multiple commercial uses. You can heat various parts of your home, water, or other equipment with the thermal energy from the heater systems. However, the numerous heaters available in the market make it confusing for typical buyers. While the primary principle of these devices Read more »

Different Types of Fans

A fan is one of the most used devices for cooling purposes. This age-old device has been around for quite some time. However, it has come a long way from the handheld fans, and now you see the plugged-in electrical devices in every household. The electric fan can be considered a staple appliance in every Read more »