People who are hot sleepers need cold air while they sleep or some like a bit of white noise to help them fall asleep. If you don’t have an air conditioning system in your bedroom, then a bedroom fan can make an ideal alternative.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best quiet bedroom fans available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 10 Best Bedroom Fans




Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan

Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan

The elegant Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan features an easy to use control panel with LED display, whisper-quiet technology and four cooling settings. Read more

Honeywell Advanced QuietSet 16″ Stand Fan

Honeywell Advanced QuietSet 16″ Stand Fan

The Honeywell Advanced QuietSet 16" Stand Fan features noise reduction technology, dimming controls, adjustable height, remote control and timer. Read more

Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan

Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan

The Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan has an attractive silver finish with black accents design and features three-speed settings, wide oscillation angle, remote control and timer. Read more

Pro Breeze® Oscillating 30-inch Tower Fan

Pro Breeze® Oscillating 30-inch Tower Fan

The elegant Pro Breeze® Oscillating 30-inch Tower Fan features three fan speeds and three wind modes, remote control, built-in timer and 70-degree automatic oscillation coverage. Read more

Klarstein Eye Of The Storm Pedestal Fan

Klarstein Eye Of The Storm Pedestal Fan

The one-of-a-kind Klarstein Eye Of The Storm Pedestal Fan features full 360-degree oscillation, three wind levels, three-speed options and switchable horizontal oscillation. Read more

Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan

Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan

The whisper-quiet Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan features Quiet Technology, an easy to use control panel, remote control and five settings for lasting comfort. Read more

Jack Stonehouse Electric Cooling Pedestal Fan

Jack Stonehouse Electric Cooling Pedestal Fan

The super quiet Jack Stonehouse Electric Cooling Pedestal Fan features adjustable height, twelve-speed settings, timer and three adjustable tilt settings. Read more

MeacoFan (1056) Personal Air Circulator Cooling Fan

MeacoFan (1056) Personal Air Circulator Cooling Fan

The MeacoFan (1056) Personal Air Circulator Cooling Fan offers multi-directional oscillation, timer, remote control, dimmable lights and is Quiet Mark approved. Read more

Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan

Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan

The unique Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan uses Air Multiplier technology and offers no fast-spinning blades for safety, remote control and consumes 10% less power and is 60% quieter than previous models. Read more

Bionaire BMT014D Mini Tower Fan

Bionaire BMT014D Mini Tower Fan

The Bionaire BMT014D Mini Tower Fan offers three-speed settings plus breeze mode, an oscillation function that distributes air evenly and also has a built in ioniser. Read more

Best Bedroom Fans

1. Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan

Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan

You don’t need a huge fan to stay cool. The Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan keeps your room cool and it doesn’t take up much space. The fan has an elegant design that looks good on any table. The four cooling settings keep the room cool while still offering quiet operation.


Multiple Cooling Settings

This fan features four cooling settings from sleep to power cool which keeps your room cold and comfortable. The multiple settings ensure that you keep your room the perfect temperature.

Whisper Quiet Operation

The fan is very quiet which makes it just right for the bedroom. You won’t have to worry about the fan keeping you up at night because it operates so quietly.

Oscillating Feature

The fan features an oscillating function that allows the fan to oscillate 35 degrees. This allows the fan to cool off larger rooms.

Simple Control Panel

The user controls of this fan are very easy to operate which make this fan a pleasure to use. The elegant design of the control panel allows you to operate the fan quickly and easily.

Elegant Design

The sleek black design of the table fan looks elegant and works with any decor. The fan is small and easy to place anywhere in your room. The stable base ensures the fan won’t fall over and the small profile allows it to fit into any part of the room with ease. This fan is a great addition to any home.

Three Year Warranty

The fan has a three year warranty which gives you peace of mind when you buy it. If the fan is defective it will be replaced for free.


  • Four settings allow you to easily control the room temperature
  • Quiet operation makes the fan perfect for the bedroom


  • No remote control

2. Honeywell Advanced QuietSet 16″ Stand Fan

Honeywell Advanced QuietSet 16 Stand Fan

One of the most annoying things about stand fans is that they can get pretty loud. But since you need to maintain sufficient comfort levels at home, you have no choice but to keep using it. But now, you have the option of going for an ultra-quiet stand fan. The Honeywell Advanced QuietSet is aptly named. The noise reduction technology makes this fan perform perfectly with minimal noise. This alone makes it a compelling choice, but keep reading to learn more about the features of this amazing stand fan.


Noise Reduction Technology

This is the primary selling point of the stand fan. The noise reduction technology involves the use of new aerodynamic blades as well as a new diffusion cone, both of which are designed to deliver powerful cooling with virtually zero noise.

5-speed Settings

The Honeywell Advanced QuietSet gives you the option to choose from five-speed settings. You can do this manually or via the remote control.

Auto-dimming Controls

LED displays are great, but not when you can’t dim them at night. Thankfully, the LED display on the Advanced QuietSet has auto-dimming capabilities so you wouldn’t be distracted when trying to sleep.

Adjustable Height

This stand fan can be adjusted in height, which means greater control of the airflow.


There’s an auto shut-off timer that allows you to set the fan’s operation at 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.

The Honeywell Advanced QuietSet has changed the game thanks to its noise reduction technology. Surely, you’d love how quiet this fan operates while ensuring that you reach your desired comfort level.


  • The best thing about this fan is it delivers extreme cooling with minimal sound
  • The timer ensures that you can shut off the fan at your desired time
  • The dimming LED display is a welcome feature, enabling you to have a peaceful night’s sleep
  • The adjustable height and oscillation ensure excellent area coverage


  • Assembly can take time

3. Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan

Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan

A stylish tower fan that does not compromise its effectiveness, the Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan is among the best tower fans on the market. It performs its intended function brilliantly and adds some character to your decor.


3-Speed Setting (Plus Breeze And Sleep Mode)

The user experience was the main focal point when designing the Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan. Every aspect has been honed to ensure you keep cool and comfortable. To this end, the tower has 3 fan speeds, which allow you to precisely control the level of cooling you need from the fan. Additionally, the fan comes with a sleep and breeze mode. These two modes cycle through the fan speed to simulate a real-world breeze.

Beautiful Design

The stunning tower fan has a silver finish and black accents. The colour combination makes the tower fan stand out in any room. However, you do not have to worry about it looking out of place. Its beautiful design is enough to make it the centre-piece appliance in any space, especially during the hot summer months.

Wide-Angle Oscillation Function

This tower fan comes with a built-in wide-angle oscillation function. This function increases the distribution of cool air evenly around the room. You can keep every part of your living or office space comfortable using just one fan.

8-Hour Timer

The built-in timer has an 8-hour programmable setting. You can set the timer using the clear LED display.

White LED Display

For user-interface, the Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan has a White LED Display, from which you can control every function of the tower fan. However, you also get a remote control for easier control.


  • Powerful fan capable of creating ample airflow
  • Good looking for use in living spaces such as the living room
  • Remote control tray for storing the wireless control when not in use


  • Relatively noisy compared to other fans

4. Pro Breeze® Oscillating 30-inch Tower Fan

Pro Breeze® Oscillating 30-inch Tower Fan

Stating cool in the warm summer days and night can be challenging. For starters, the scorching summer sun calls for a powerful fan that is capable of blowing ample cold air to battle the heat. On the other hand, the cooling fan needs to be quite enough for comfortable sleeping while still keeping you cool at night.

The Pro Breeze® Oscillating 30-Inch Tower Fan has been designed and optimised for this function. Not only does it have a powerful fan function, but it can also blow a draft of cool air to help you sleep without keeping you up with noise.


Ample Modes

The Pro Breeze® Oscillating 30-inch Tower Fan has 3 fan speeds and 3 wind modes. The fan speeds include the low, medium, and high-performance fan speeds. On the wind modes front, this oscillating fan comes with normal, natural, sleep modes. The combination of all these modes enables users to customise the performance of the cooling fan to meet their precise needs regardless of the situation.

70-Degrees Automatic Oscillation

This fan tower fan has a 70-degrees automatic oscillation function that makes the distribution of cool air across large rooms possible. As such, you only need one cooling fan to make your entire bedroom, office, or even living room cool.

Built-In Essential Oil Tray

The fan cooler comes with a built-in essential oil tray that can hold your preferred essential oil. This feature allows you to distribute a fresh into your living spaces in a similar fashion to aromatherapy.

Remote Control

Aside from the in-built control panel, you also get a remote control with this tower fan. As such, you have the freedom to use the fan cooler from afar.

Built-In Timer

This tower fan comes with a built-in timer with automatic on/off function. Importantly, the timer has a flexible 30-minutes incremental settings capabilities for users. This makes the timer very flexible to use and set-up to meet your individual needs.


  • Stunning, stylish design
  • Safe to use in a wide variety of indoor environments
  • Lightweight construction that enhances its portability
  • Produces an excellent flow of cooling air
  • Easy to customise and use


  • The blue light from the panel is a tad too bright for night comfort

5. Klarstein Eye Of The Storm Pedestal Fan

Klarstein Eye Of The Storm Pedestal Fan

Summers can become excessively sweaty with high humidity levels. Your entire family may gasp for air inside the house because of the hot loo that keeps blowing from time to time. You can offer them respite by bringing home the all-new Klarstein Eye of the Storm Pedestal Fan.

This all-round cooling fan is a godsend gift because of its ability to oscillate 360 degrees and offer controlled airflow to all the corners of your room. It comes with five blades that can deliver up to 3600 m³ of air per hour, which is enough to cool your room down in a few minutes.


360-degree Oscillation

Most pedestal fans only oscillation 180-degrees. But the Eye of the Storm is one step ahead of the others. It can oscillate 360-degrees, which is very unique considering the technology involved. Moreover, it can tilt 360-degree, something you may not come across in other pedestal fans.

Easy to use

There are two ways to use this pedestal fan: through the push buttons on the pole and the remote control. From changing the fan speed to using the automatic on/off timer, you can operate the fan from your bed or couch easily.

The Klarstein Eye of the Storm Pedestal Fan is a one-of-a-kind fan that can rotate in any direction you prefer. Use it in a small room to experience comfortable airflow for hours.


  • The sleek design blends well with any room in your house. It is ideal to maintain the aesthetics of your room with this fan.
  • There are three speed levels: normal, nature, and sleep. You can change the speed levels directly from the remote.
  • It has a minimum airflow of 60 m³/min, which is significantly more than its competitors


  • It doesn’t have an adjustable height stand

6. Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan

Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan

Keeping your room cool is easy with the Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan. This quiet fan has plenty of power that keeps you comfortable no matter how hot it is. The fan has five different levels so you can easily control how cool you want the room to be. This fan has a timer and it is so quiet you can use it in the bedroom. Staying cool is a breeze with this tower fan.


Whisper Quiet

You won’t lose any sleep when you use this fan since it features Whisper Quiet technology. You sleep comfortably when you run the fan which makes it ideal for bedrooms.

Remote Control

The remote control makes the fan much easier to use and it allows you to control all of the features without the need to get up from your bed or sofa.


The fan offers five cooling levels and it also oscillates up to 75 degrees which allows you to cool off the entire room. This feature is very useful when it is extra warm because you can cool off so much space.

Five Cooling Levels

The multiple cooling levels ensure that you get just the right amount of cool for every room in the house. The levels are easy to adjust and you can use the remote control to get just the right amount of cool for each room.

Sleep Timer

The timer allows you to easily program the fan to turn off whenever you want. You can set the timer from 1 to 8 hours so you don’t run the fan when you don’t actually need it.


  • Five cooling levels allow you to customise your comfort level
  • Remote control allows for convenient operation of the fan
  • Quiet operation allows you to sleep comfortably


  • Power cord could be longer

7. Jack Stonehouse Electric Cooling Pedestal Fan

Jack Stonehouse Electric Cooling Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans usually come with straightforward features, such as three speed levels and left to right oscillations. But the Jack Stonehouse takes pedestal fans to the next level. With 12 different speed settings, super-quiet operation, and three adjustable oscillation tilts, the Jack Stonehouse Electric Cooling Pedestal Fan will mesmerise you from the moment you bring it home.

This excellent oscillating fan provides unmatched airflow control, thanks to its 12-speed options. Plus, its power-off memory function eliminates the need to switch off the fan manually.


Adjustable Height

You can split the pole of this fan into three parts, depending on the height you feel comfortable. It has three adjustable lengths: 50 cm, 80 cm, and 107 cm. That means you can use it as a desk or table fan, stand fan, and a pedestal fan.

Super Quiet

This fan works on a DC motor. It not only produces a quieter breeze but also cooler air than other pedestal fans. Moreover, the DC motor provides up to 70% energy efficiency, thus allowing you to use the fan without thinking of electric bills at the end of the month.

12-speed Settings

You can change the speed levels manually or using the remote control supplied with this fan.

The Jack Stonehouse Electric Cooling Pedestal Fan is way ahead of its time due to its unique features and functions. If you want a convertible pedestal fan, this is the one you should rely on.


  • It has a 12-hour timer that works flawlessly every time. You can use this function to switch on or switch off the fan automatically.
  • The multiple height levels allow you to convert this pedestal fan into a table fan within a few seconds.


  • It is slightly more expensive compared to other pedestal fans

8. MeacoFan (1056) Personal Air Circulator Cooling Fan

MeacoFan (1056) Personal Air Circulator Cooling Fan

If you are looking for a small, efficient, and award-winning fan, choose the MeacoFan (1056) Personal Air Circulator Cooling Fan. This small fan is perfect for desks, bedrooms, and offices. It features multi-direction oscillation that will cool down the entire room even though the fan is very small. It is also quiet so you can get the rest you need when you use it in the bedroom.


Perfect For Bedroom Cooling

This fan is perfect for cooling the bedroom because it is very quiet. The noise level is just 20db which is about the sound of rustling leaves. The fan is so quiet that it works well for both adult and children’s bedrooms.

Light Control

If you leave the lights on the fan they provide a dim glow in the room that can be very comforting. If you prefer total darkness, it is easy to turn the lights completely off.

Whole Room Air Circulator

The fan oscillates in multiple directions which ensures that the cool air reaches every part of the room. This feature bounces the air off the walls and ceiling so the entire room stays cool. You won’t have to sit in front of the fan to feel cool. This feature also saves money since you can keep the fan on a lower speed and still cool the room down.

Remote Control And Timer

The fan has a convenient remote control that allows you to turn off the fan without having to get up. You can also program the timer to have the fan automatically turn off so the room doesn’t get too cold.


  • Ultra-quiet operation is perfect for bedrooms
  • Remote control allows for convenient operation
  • Multi-directional oscillation keeps the entire room cool


  • Power cord needs to be a little longer

9. Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan

Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan

Staying cool when the weather gets warm is easy with the Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan. This fan uses air multiplier technology to stream a powerful flow of cool air. This fan is perfect for homes with pets and kids since there are no dangerous spinning blades. The unique design allows for very quiet operation. The fan also has a remote control that gives you multiple airflow settings to choose from.


Air Multiplier Technology

The fan uses the unique Air Multiplier technology which produces a powerful and constant stream of cool air.

Quiet Operation

The fan runs 60 percent quieter than other fans. The air channels are streamlined which creates reduced airflow turbulence, making the fan perfect for bedrooms and other places where you need quiet.

Remote Control

The remote control allows you to turn the fan on from anywhere in the room. It allows you to choose from 10 different airflow settings so you get just the right amount of air. The remote control also features a sleep timer. The remote control is magnetised which allows you to store it on the machine.

Oscillation Control

This feature allows you to direct the airflow around the room so you get the airflow right where you want it. You can use the controls on the fan or you can use the remote to use the oscillation feature.

Conserves Power

The fan uses 10 percent less power which helps keep your energy bills down. You get a powerful airflow with this fan and you save money.

Safe Operation

The fan is very safe since there are no spinning blades. You won’t have to worry about the pets or kids getting injured.


  • The remote control allows for easy operation
  • Quiet operation makes the fan perfect for any room
  • No spinning blades make the fan safe


  • Price can be an issue

10. Bionaire BMT014D Mini Tower Fan

Bionaire BMT014D Mini Tower Fan

Looking for a stylish, quiet and reliable mini tower fan? The Bionaire BMT014D mini tower fan is a compact oscillating fan which is designed to add style to any room while providing relief from the heat wave at the same time. It’s a perfect desk fan that can be used in an office or your home. There are multiple speed settings and it can also oscillate to spread the air all around the room.



The first thing you notice about this mini tower fan is its design. It looks stylish with its silver and white finish and the easy-to-use controls at the top give it a futuristic look. It produces negligible level of sound with sound levels of around 46 dB. An average refrigerator produces around 50 dB of noise.

Multiple Speed Settings

It has 3 different speed settings allowing you complete control over the airflow. There is a normal, sleep and breeze mode. In the sleep and breeze more, the fan cycles through the speeds which helps in simulating natural airflow. It also comes with an oscillating function.

Built-In Ioniser

The fan also comes with a built-in ioniser that helps in keeping the pet dander and dust in control.

Reliable and Easy to Use

It’s a reliable and long lasting mini tower fan. In fact, some buyers have been using it for more than 5 years and it is still working like new. The LED display at the top also features an 8 hour timer.


  • It looks stylish and is compact enough to be placed on a desk either in office or your home
  • It is a quiet fan
  • It features multiple speed settings, oscillating function along with an 8 hour timer and an inbuilt ioniser
  • It is an energy-efficient appliance with Energy Class A rating
  • There are 3 speed settings including the normal mode, breeze mode and sleep mode
  • It comes with 3 years of limited warranty


  • It does not come with a remote control but the control buttons at the top are easy to use

Bedroom Fan Buying Guide

Bedroom fans are exactly what they sound like, fans that are designed to be used in a bedroom. People who are hot sleepers, like a bit of white noise or need cold air while they sleep or those who don’t have an air conditioning system often turn to bedroom fans, as they are an ideal alternative to an AC system.

These types of fans allow people to enjoy better quality sleep because they won’t be trying to get to sleep while they are very hot. Another benefit is they can keep moisture at bay, as well as allow for temperature control. With that said, read the rest of this bedroom fan buying guide to learn more about them, their features and what to look for in one.

What Is a Bedroom Fan?

A bedroom fan is much like a traditional fan, except it’s designed to be used in a bedroom. They tend to run more quiet than fans that are traditionally used elsewhere in a home. Much like other types of fans, bedroom ones circulate the air and are typically placed near the bed, as many people like to have the air blowing on them while they sleep.

What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Fans?

There are four main types of bedroom fans. They are:

Desk Fans

Types of FansDesk fans are small and compact, as well as lightweight. They typically go on a desk in the room or on a nightstand. A desk fan can go on virtually any hard/flat surface in the bedroom.

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are traditional fans.The fan part is attached to a long or semi-long bar, which is attached to the base. Pedestal fans stand up, so they can be placed anywhere on the bedroom floor. Most pedestal fans can rotate or they can be set to remain in place and just circulate air in one direction, such as direct the air towards the sleeper.

Tower Fans

These fans resemble a tower, as they are tall and typically thin. They are attached to a base that rotates and usually blow out air at an angle of 90-degrees, which means they cover a large area. Tower fans have a simple mechanism, easy to operate and have a compact design. Like pedestal fans, they can be placed on the floor.

Bladeless Fans

These fans are unique in appearance, and they are on the small side. Unlike other fans, bladeless fans don’t have blades. Instead, air is circulated via a ring. Bladeless fans are very easy to use, don’t have blades that need dusting, nor do users run the risk of cutting themselves.

Features to Look for in a Bedroom Fan


Without a doubt, power is the most important feature to look for in a fan. The power a fan possesses depends on various factors, with the main one being the size of the motor and/or the type of motor powering it. It’s a good idea to buy a bedroom fan that has a lot of power, as this means it will do a good job at cooling off the room. Generally speaking, the larger the bedroom and the more area a person wants to cover, the more powerful the fan should be.

Fan Speeds

Fan BladesDifferent bedroom fans have different speed settings. Some only operate at a low speed, while others have several speed settings. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to choose a fan that has at least two or more speeds.

Oscillating Function

There are bedroom fans that do not rotate at all, but it’s a good idea to get a fan that has an oscillating function. Preferably, get one that turns at least 180-degrees or one that goes full circle. The exact oscillation abilities a fan should have depends on the person’s preference. If they want to cool a small area of the room, then they can use a fan that rotates to a certain point or they can use one that goes fully around if they want to cool off a large area of the room.

Remote Control

Choose a fan with a remote control. This allows the fan to be controlled right from the bed or from a distance. Remote controls lets users choose the fan’s speed, rotating preference and more, all from a distance and with just a few taps of a button.


This is a great feature and is a must because it allows users to set the fan to run for a specific length of time before shutting itself off. The timer can be set so the fan turns itself on at a specific time.


The design of the fan is important, as some people prefer tower fans due to the way they look. Others want something small and compact like a bladeless fan, while others don’t mind a desk fan that can be placed right next to them on the nightstand. Take the time to think about what design will suit the bedroom best before settling on a bedroom fan.


It’s perfectly fine to choose a fan with smaller dimensions if the bedroom is small or has limited space. If space allows, then feel free to choose a fan with any dimensions. However, it’s highly recommended to measure the space it will be used in before deciding on what the dimensions the fan should be.

Energy Efficiency

BedroomChoose a bedroom fan that has a good energy efficiency rating. Most bedroom fans are energy efficient, but not all of them are created equal. By choosing one that is extremely energy efficient, the energy bills shouldn’t go up. In fact, if someone is replacing their current fan that uses up a lot of energy with an energy efficient bedroom fan, they could end up saving money in the long run.

Sound Output

A fan should have a quiet operation, or give off a tiny amount of noise. The best fans don’t produce a lot of noise at all, but there are fans out there that do. Take the time to compare a few fans and learn about what their sound output capacities are. The last thing anyone wants is to be kept up at night due to their fan making a lot of noise.

Display Brightness

Brightness of the display is important. The best bedroom fans have a display that is very bright, preferably with LED back-lighting because this makes it easy to see the display in the dark. Sometimes a person may wake up in the middle of the night and will want to adjust the settings. A brightly lit screen will allow them to do just that.


Finally, a high quality fan will come with some sort of guarantee. Before selecting a fan, check to see if the manufacturer has a guarantee or warranty that comes with it. This will give peace of mind knowing the fan will be fixed or replaced in the event something goes wrong with it, and that the malfunction falls under the terms and conditions of the guarantee.

Take the time when buying a bedroom fan and compare as many as possible before deciding on which fan to get. With so many options on the market, finding the perfect fan for the bedroom is easy.