Bladeless fans are becoming popular as consumers are looking for convenience, ease of use, versatility and energy efficiency as essential factors to consider when maintaining optimal temperatures indoors. And they look pretty cool too!

Read on for our expert reviews of the best bladeless fans available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 6 Best Bladeless Fans




Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan

Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan

The unique Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan uses Air Multiplier technology and offers no fast-spinning blades for safety, remote control and consumes 10% less power and is 60% quieter than previous models. Read more

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

The Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan is an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution featuring a sleek design. Read more

Dyson AM06 Desk Fan

Dyson AM06 Desk Fan

The Dyson AM06 Desk Fan features air multiplier technology that creates a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow, oscillation control, easy tilt and ten airflow settings. Read more

electriQ eiQ-AM09 2kW Bladeless Fan Heater with Mood Light

electriQ eiQ-AM09 2kW Bladeless Fan Heater with Mood Light

The electriQ eiQ-AM09 2kW Bladeless Fan Heater with Mood Light features unique ambient lighting for atmospheric glow, a slim and modern design and it can be used all year round as a heater and fan. Read more

Klarstein Sahara Storm Fan Heater – Bladeless Fan

Klarstein Sahara Storm Fan Heater – Bladeless Fan

The quiet Klarstein Sahara Storm Fan Heater - Bladeless Fan offers mood lighting, two heat settings, timer and touch control panel with LED display. Read more



The HOMEPRO PLATINIUM 16" Bladeless Fan is safe, portable, easy to clean and energy saving. Read more

Best Bladeless Fans

1. Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan

Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan

Staying cool when the weather gets warm is easy with the Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan. This fan uses air multiplier technology to stream a powerful flow of cool air. This fan is perfect for homes with pets and kids since there are no dangerous spinning blades. The unique design allows for very quiet operation. The fan also has a remote control that gives you multiple airflow settings to choose from.


Air Multiplier Technology

The fan uses the unique Air Multiplier technology which produces a powerful and constant stream of cool air.

Quiet Operation

The fan runs 60 percent quieter than other fans. The air channels are streamlined which creates reduced airflow turbulence, making the fan perfect for bedrooms and other places where you need quiet.

Remote Control

The remote control allows you to turn the fan on from anywhere in the room. It allows you to choose from 10 different airflow settings so you get just the right amount of air. The remote control also features a sleep timer. The remote control is magnetised which allows you to store it on the machine.

Oscillation Control

This feature allows you to direct the airflow around the room so you get the airflow right where you want it. You can use the controls on the fan or you can use the remote to use the oscillation feature.

Conserves Power

The fan uses 10 percent less power which helps keep your energy bills down. You get a powerful airflow with this fan and you save money.

Safe Operation

The fan is very safe since there are no spinning blades. You won’t have to worry about the pets or kids getting injured.


  • The remote control allows for easy operation
  • Quiet operation makes the fan perfect for any room
  • No spinning blades make the fan safe


  • Price can be an issue

2. Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

Finding a portable and compact fan that will be useful in winter and summer can be tricky. But when looking at models like the Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater, it seems to remove the “tricky” part fairly quickly. With several features that only make this option more lucrative, here is what the dual fan/heater has to offer.


Effective For Heating And Cooling

The Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan can heat the room up to 37 degrees, while it can serve as a typical fan when those hot days strike. And the design makes it one of the most appealing models for temperature control at home or work. Not only does it feature a dual purpose, but no installations are required and you can use it where you need it.

Convenient Control

As expected, you have more than enough control in terms of setting the temperature. This can be done via the remote, and you do not have to worry about any strange or burning smells that tend to accompany hot air from heaters. More importantly, you can choose if the air should be targeted over a long distance. Alternatively, you can set the fan/heater to spread the hot or cool air wide.

No Blades Or Heating Elements

Forget about blades that only collect dust or visible heating elements, which can potentially be dangerous if you have children. With this model, everything happens through Air Multiplier technology.


  • Very energy efficient during heating and cooling
  • Choose the direction of the air-flow
  • Sleek design without visible heating elements or blades
  • Automatically turns off in case of the fan heater tipping over
  • Remote controlled
  • 75% less noise than previous generations


  • Not as effective at cooling as it is at heating
  • Not the most affordable model

3. Dyson AM06 Desk Fan

Dyson AM06 Desk Fan

Looking for a quiet and safe desk fan? The Dyson AM06 desk fan is a technical wonder that creates an effective and powerful airflow stream keeping you cool during those hot summer days and nights. It’s blade less technology makes it safe to be used in a room with kids. It also oscillates and tilts allowing you to direct airflow in any direction you want.


Extremely Safe

This futuristic looking fan is extremely safe as it does not have any fast spinning blades. You can place it anywhere in your house without worrying about toddlers or kids tipping it over and injuring themselves.

Quiet and Powerful

It is extremely quiet as the design engineers have further streamlined the air channels to reduce the airflow turbulence. In fact, it is 75% quieter as compared to the AM01 model. This fan uses the patented air multiplier technology to provide relief from heat during those hot days.

Ease of Use

It comes with a remote control with 10 precise airflow settings and various other functions. You can use this remote to set up the timer and to control the oscillation. Also, the remote control is magnetised and you can just stick it to the fan when it’s not in use.

Tilt and Oscillate

It’s easy to tilt the fan on its own centre of gravity and it also oscillates with just one touch to direct the airflow anywhere you want in the room. Another advantage of this design is that it’s extremely easy to clean as there are no safety grills or spinning blades.


  • It is an extremely safe design with no grills or spinning blades
  • Cleaning it as easy as taking a damp cloth and wiping it off
  • It is 75% quieter as compared to the last generation fan
  • There are a total of 10 airflow settings providing you complete control over the airflow
  • It is energy-efficient and consumes 30% less energy as compared to the last generation model


  • It is very expensive

4. electriQ eiQ-AM09 2kW Bladeless Fan Heater with Mood Light

electriQ eiQ-AM09 2kW Bladeless Fan Heater with Mood Light

Looking for a compact fan and heater at a fraction of the cost of big brands to keep you cool or warm? The ElectriQ fan heater with a bladeless design for safe home use can be used all year round for cooling or heating and costs much less when compared to big-name brands while providing the same functionality. The slim design has a unique LED ambient lighting feature to provide a special atmospheric glow to your room.



Provides the same functionality as big brand, high-cost units at a fraction of the cost.


The ElectriQ eiQ-AM09 can be used all year round as a heating or cooling swing fan that provides a flow of warm or cool air from any angle at different speed settings. With the fan mode, you can enjoy a cool, consistent breeze in warmer weather while the heating mode with low or high setting is ideal for keeping you warm during the winter months.

Safe and Reliable

The powerful, smooth, uninterrupted flow of air is delivered by a bladeless design that is safe for use around children and pets. The ambient LED light in the centre makes it clearly visible in dim lighting conditions to prevent accidents. The fan can be operated with or without the lighting feature. The compact design makes it easy to store when not in use.


The compact tower design takes up little space and is easy to move from one room to another. It is equally suitable for use at home or at the office. The remote control makes operation easy from the comfort of your bed or couch or you can use the simple push buttons with LED indicators to change the settings. The program can be pre-set to operate at set intervals from 1 – 12 hours. The slim design makes it possible to stand the fan on the floor or to use it on a flat surface.


  • 2 Kw Bladeless fan heater safe for use around children or pets
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight at only 3.3kg
  • Easy to move around from room to room
  • Can be used on the floor or on an elevated surface
  • Ambient LED mood light that can be switched on or off
  • Cost-effective alternative to more expensive brands


  • Can be a bit noisy when used in the bedroom
  • The cooling fan may not cool as effectively as more powerful units

5. Klarstein Sahara Storm Fan Heater – Bladeless Fan

Klarstein Sahara Storm Fan Heater - Bladeless Fan

Having trouble warming your cold rooms? Extreme low temperatures can be a nuisance. That’s why you need the Klarstein Sahara Storm Fan Heater – Bladeless Fan. This powerful fan heater can provide warm air throughout your house. You no longer have to worry about those harsh winter nights. Even more, it features a remote control, making it more convenient.



The Klarstein Sahara Storm fan boasts of great performance. It can distribute warm air throughout the rooms in your residence. This is done with no blades.

Quiet Operation

This fan heater is perfect for quiet operation. It doesn’t have any blades that produce unpleasant noises. You can enjoy pleasant warmth with its low operating noise.


The Sahara Strom fan doesn’t contain harmful elements that may be unpleasant for allergy sufferers. You don’t have to worry about your kid or pet when using the Klarstein Sahara Storm fan. Even more, it doesn’t produce any unpleasant odours. Its modern ceramic heating element ensures it is the best buy for allergy sufferers.


Fancy feeling heat as soon as you turn your fan heater on? The Klarstein Sahara Storm’s ceramic heating element makes heating air seamless. This small element heats air faster.

Remote Control

The Klarstein Sahara Storm fan heater comes with remote control with all functions. You can enjoy two heat settings (1000 and 2000W) with automatic temperature control. Still, you can set your fan heater to automatically switch on and off for temperature control.


  • You can adjust your room temperature from 16 to 40° C
  • Its wingless ventilation design ensures little noise is produced
  • Takes up little space
  • Mood light ranging from white, blue, purple to green
  • Touch LED display that serves as the control panel
  • Heat can cover a 60° rotation providing a large heating range


  • Isn’t ideal for hanging on walls

6. HOMEPRO PLATINIUM 16″ Bladeless Fan


The HOMEPRO PLATINIUM 16″ features a bladeless fan design that produces a quiet and soft wind. This fan has all the necessary safety features and uses an extra-low voltage. This is one of the best choices for when you sleep or to use in a baby’s room. These fans come with step-less speed control.



This fan has been designed so the airflow is extremely smooth. The annular jet draws the surrounding air in and amplifies it up to 15 times. With a maximum of 60 DBs, this is the ideal fan to use in a bedroom or baby’s room.

Portable and Safe

The absence of blades means the airflow is uninterrupted and smooth, without any unpleasant buffering. This makes this product safe for pets and children.

Easy To Clean

Without any awkward blades or grilles, this fan can be accessed from all positions making it simple to clean with a damp cloth.

Energy Saving

This bladeless fan uses 50% less energy when compared to conventional fans, making this product highly energy efficient. It also provides a stable performance guaranteeing a long service life.


  • Produces air flow similar to a gentle breeze
  • Operates with an easy-to-use remote control
  • Oscillation One touch for a 90-degree rotation
  • Great value for money


  • Some consumers have stated that this product is cheaply made and of poor quality compared to other bladeless fans

Bladeless Fan Buying Guide

Having a comfortable home with ideal indoor air quality typically means that there will need to be a form of air conditioning in the home. Air conditioning units are considered essential components for indoor comfort, especially during the hot summer months. However, a bladeless fan may be a better choice because a user can control the temperature level and at a fraction of the cost. This will allow the room to remain comfortable.

What Is a Bladeless Fan?

Bladeless FansAs the name implies, a bladeless fan does not utilise blades to help circulate air throughout a space. Instead, the air is emitted from the fan from a ring hollow.

There are two different types of bladeless fans – spherical bladeless fans and elongated bladeless fans.

Bladeless fans do not have spinning blades, but blades are located in the base of the fan. With this type of technology, the fan can create an impressive airflow in any room.

How Do Bladeless Fans Work?

Bladeless fans utilise hidden blades and a compressor to push air from the fan. Even though some may consider the technology behind bladeless fans a type of special magic, it is all based on physics. This type of air multiplier technology has been a part of the British tech industry since 2009. The fans were designed to create an alternative cooling device that would be more energy-efficient, quieter, safer and without blades.

When most people think of a fan, they typically think of at least two blades that are attached to a central hub. The hub allows the blades to move in a circular motion to produce an air current. These blades can be dangerous if accidentally touch, and a protective cage usually covers them. However, this cage can block up to 50 per cent of the airflow.

Bladeless fans work differently. These fans use physics and aerodynamics to multiply air as it is sucked into the fan. This process does not use as much energy or noise during the process. The air enters the fan through the slits that are at the bottom. The compressor runs a small fan and in-base asymmetrical blades to push air through the blades. The air is directed into a tube at the top of the fan and forced through a narrow slit.

Features to Look for in a Bladeless Fan


Bladeless fans operate on a very simple mechanism. They suck in air and they push the air out.

This means that they do not consume a lot of power. They are energy-efficient and consumers do not have to stress over high electricity bills.

Fan Speeds

There are some bladeless fans on the market that do more than simply keep a room cool. Some fans can serve as heaters, air purifiers and air filters.

It is important to pay attention to how many speed settings are on these types of fans. Many bladeless fans operate at only one speed, but there are others that can offer up to 12 speeds. If buying a bladeless fan that has more than one speed, it would be convenient to purchase one that can be operated by remote.

Cooling and Heating

An unexpected feature with the bladeless fan is that it can keep a room or workspace cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This makes it an ideal year round heating and cooling device. It is the Air Multiplier Technology that allows the air to project evenly and quickly across a room.

The fan’s SMART thermostat will help the users save money on their energy bills without having to manually adjust the temperature in a room.

Remote Control

A remote control allows the user to operate the fan wirelessly from any area of the room. By pressing a single button, the user will be able to control airflow, temperature and water content to their desired comfort level.


Many Bladeless fans are also equipped with a sleep timer. The easily programmable feature can be set in different intervals that can range from 10 minutes all the way to eight hours.


Bladeless FanThese fans have an unique and interesting design that not only make them more aesthetically appealing than bladed fans, but also helps to make them safer as well.


Bladeless fans vary in dimensions. Depending on a user’s needs and requirements.

Energy Efficiency

As mentioned several times, bladeless fans are very energy-efficient. With a powerful air flow, these fans are ideal for large spaces. Save money on heating and cooling bills by using a bladeless fan instead.

Sound Output

One of the biggest advantages to using bladeless fans is that they are not as noisy as bladed fans. It is important to keep in mind where the fan and the type of environment when considering how much noise can be tolerated in the area.


Most manufacturers guarantee that these bladeless fans can last up to 15 years when they are properly maintained. In addition, most manufacturers also offer product warranties that can last up to a year.

Bladeless fans have forever changed the way that people heat and cool interior spaces. By finding bladeless fans that have the user’s preferred features, these fans have proven to be the perfect heating and cooling device.