Our Top Pick: Healthful Home® 5-Minute Home Mold Test

Healthful Home® 5-Minute Home Mold Test

Mould is something that everyone wants to avoid, and with good reason! Exposure to mould can have profound consequences for your health.

Breathing in mould spores or fragments can cause allergic reactions, even someone who isn’t allergic to mould may suffer from inflammation and congestion in their airways. Wheezing, sneezing, coughing, throat irritation, chest tightness, and lung irritation can all be caused by mould.

The World Health Organization estimates that a considerable amount of the three-hundred million asthma cases worldwide are caused by indoor mould.

The biggest problem is that mould can often grow in places where it cannot be easily detected, for example, under floorboards, under the carpet, or inside walls. Even when it can’t be seen, mould can still release spores into the air and make you sick.

Professional mould testing can be costly. So what should one do if they think they might have a mould problem? There are several DIY options out there that allow one to test for mould in their house. This article will review our top pick, The Healthful Home® 5-Minute Home Mold Test.

What is the Healthful Home® 5-Minute Home Mold Test?

This particular mould test kit is a very simple to use and very efficient DIY mould testing kit. It is one of the best on the market for several reasons. The selling points that stand out the most are that is is very quick, very simple, and very accurate.

The 5-Minute Mold test was developed by the American company Alexeter Technologies, and although most have probably never heard of them, they have an impressive track record.

The United States Military, Homeland Security, and over 1,000 other agencies of the American government use Alexeter Technologies’ products.

The test kit is based on the same technology that medical labs use, it is accredited and licensed, and it has been rated as up to one-hundred times more sensitive as other DIY testing kits.

How Does the 5-Minute Home Mould Test Work?

As mentioned above the test kit is very simple to use. The fact that mould spores float through the air is what makes mould so precarious to our health.

Healthful Home® 5-Minute Home Mold Test ResultsSpores that float through the air, eventually land and form part of the dust that falls on furnishings. Therefore, if there is a mould problem in a room, the dust will contain particles of the mould. This is the case even if it is behind the wall or under the floorboards.

The 5-minute mould testing kit uses a swab to collect dust. The swab is then inserted into a plastic vile and mixed with a special chemical compound, and the drops are then put into the kit, which somewhat resembles a pregnancy kit.

Within five minutes, the kit will indicate if there are traces of hazardous mould in the room. The quick results are especially good for someone worried that kids or pets might tamper with the test before the results are in, five minutes does not allow enough time for anything to happen.

The kit will show varying lines to indicate if there is any hazardous mould present in the room or not. It is simple to read, and if it does indicate mould in the room, then you have the option of mailing in the results for further analysis.



This is one of the biggest pros; results are ready in just five minutes!


There is no need to open up a wall or crawl into an under space. The dust in a room will accurately indicate if there is a problem.


Potentially save hundreds of dollars while getting the same, if not better, results as calling a professional to test.


Not only is the 5-minute mould test extremely sensitive, but it also can distinguish the type of mould, whether it is a hazardous mould or an innocuous one.

Includes Lab Results

The kit comes with the option to send in a prepaid envelope with the test results to receive a confirmation of the results along with further details.



The 5-Minute Home Mould Test is a bit more expensive than the competition, although that is what should be expected for a superior product.

Information Provided

The basic analysis is excellent for identifying mould problems. However, it does not give specific details. To get more information, one must mail the test to the lab, which comes at an extra price.

Final Verdict

The Healthful Home® 5-Minute Home Mold Test is undoubtedly the best DIY mould testing kit available on the market. Anyone that is not sure whether they have a problem and wants some peace of mind without having to spend the money to call in the professionals should consider purchasing the 5-Minute Home Mould Test.