Oil-filled radiators are an excellent solution for quickly heating a room. There are some incredibly designed and powerful options available, and with advances in technology and manufacturing processes, oil-filled radiators haven’t been left behind.

Modern models now include advanced safety features, digital displays, and multiple heat output settings (to name but a few!).

Read on for our expert reviews of the best oil filled radiators available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator

VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator

The VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator is a powerful radiator featuring advanced safety features, an adjustable thermostat, and a complimentary 24-hour timer. Read more

Warmlite Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator

Warmlite Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator

The Warmlite Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator offers efficient heating and safety features and comes mounted on castors with a built-in handle to make it easy to relocate. Read more

De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator

De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator

The De'Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator is renowned for effective heating with its enhanced chimney effect mechanism and has an elegant design. Read more

Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

The Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator is a powerful radiator featuring three heat output settings, advanced safety features, and a 24-hour timer. Read more

Futura 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

Futura 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

The Futura 2500W Oil Filled Radiator features advanced safety features, a digital countdown timer, and three heating modes and is designed to heat a space quickly while being energy efficient. Read more

NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator

NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator

The NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator is a compact and portable heater featuring an adjustable thermostat, 24-hour timer, and overheating protection. Read more

Dimplex OFC2000TiB Oil Filled Radiator

Dimplex OFC2000TiB Oil Filled Radiator

The Dimplex OFC2000TiB Oil Filled Radiator has been designed for quiet operations and offers a sturdy build, two heat settings, safety features, and a timer. Read more

VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator – Black

VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator – Black

This VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator comes in a stylish black steel design and features three heat settings and overheating protection. Read more

Kingavon Slimline Oil Filled Radiator

Kingavon Slimline Oil Filled Radiator

The Kingavon Slimline Oil Filled Radiator offers a superior-built portable heater featuring an adjustable thermostat, preset heat settings, and simple controls. Read more

Oypla Electrical Portable Oil Filled Radiator

Oypla Electrical Portable Oil Filled Radiator

The Oypla Electrical Portable Oil Filled Radiator features three heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, and wide-span casters for easy transportation. Read more

10 Best Oil Filled Radiators

1. VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator

VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator

Warming up a mid-to large-sized room in a cost-efficient manner calls for the use of a powerful and energy-efficient radiator. While oil-filled heaters are designed for increased efficiency, the VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator takes energy efficiency seriously. The radiator has been optimised to produce ample heat while being energy efficient.


Powerful Radiator

The VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator is a powerful radiator designed to heat mid to large-sized rooms. With 11 oil-filled fins, the heater can produce as much as 2500W, which is ample heat to warm your living room, bedroom, office, or other large spaces such as open-floor kitchen and living rooms.

Advanced Safety Features

To keep users safe, this radiator comes with a plethora of advanced safety features. The VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator’s safety feature is a tip-over switch that switches the radiator off in the event it tips over. The other important safety feature is its inbuilt overheat protection system. It also has a thermal cut-off.

An Adjustable Thermostat With A Complementary 24-Hour Timer

The radiator comes with three preinstalled power settings that you can use as-is. However, it also has an adjustable thermostat, which allows users to control heat production precisely. Finally, it has a 24-hour timer that will enable users to program for automatic switch on and off.


  • The radiator produces ample heat, making it effective at warming expansive rooms
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • The heater runs efficiently whilst being very effective in heating
  • The timer is an excellent addition to functionality as it proves the much-needed automation
  • Its compact build makes the radiator space-efficient and economical


  • The instruction it comes with are unnecessarily complex
  • With a function over form design, the heater is not the prettiest available

2. Warmlite Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator

Warmlite Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator

Say goodbye to those chilly nights with the Warmlite Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator. This 5-fin portable radiator is ideal for use in spaces that range from living rooms to caravans – and is ideal for keeping productivity ticking over in the office environment. Mounted on castors with a built-in handle to make it easy to relocate from room to room, it is the ideal heating solution. The highly effective thermostat makes setting the correct temperature a breeze, and the built-in safety features provide that all-important peace of mind that comes from the operation of this portable oil heater.


Efficient Heating

The powerful 650-watt operation and the built-in thermostat make this 5-fin oil heater the perfect heating solution for a variety of environments. The gentle warming action provides a steady heat level that makes it easy to maintain the ideal environment for any space.

Safety Features

This portable oil heater has been thoroughly pressure tested to ensure that it is safe to operate. The design of the overheat protection mechanism means that accidents are a thing of the past.

Energy Efficiency

The advantage of the rapidly circulating oil differentiates this portable heater from traditional ‘coil type’ or fan heaters. It uses less energy than older types of heaters, and the design allows it to heat a variety of spaces without excessive energy consumption – even on the lower heat settings.

This is the ideal small oil-type heater for both smaller and larger spaces. It makes it easy to maintain the preferred temperature and represents excellent value for money.


  • Smooth castors and lightweight design allow for the heater to be relocated with the minimum of fuss and bother
  • Built-in safety features make this portable heater safe to operate at any temperature setting. Pressure tested and ‘overheat protection system’
  • The thermostat makes it ideal for use in a variety of weather conditions
  • Excellent value for money
  • Attractive minimalist design
  • One year warranty – extended warranty on registration


  • Should not be left on overnight
  • May be noisy when heating up

3. De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator

De'Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator

Individuals looking to invest in an oil radiator are attracted to the energy efficiency you get with an oil-filled radiator. With that in mind, you should note that the De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator is among the most energy-efficient radiators on the market. Additionally, this radiator is renowned for effective heating. It can warm your room quickly and keep it toasty as long as needed.

Let’s explore its features to better understand what you get when purchasing this oil-filled radiator.


Powerful Performance

The De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator has a performance rating of 2000W. It produces plenty of heat to warm even standard large rooms in residential properties. Additionally, the radiator has preset settings that allow users to vary the heat output to match their heating needs at different times.

Effective Heating Mechanism

While all oil-fill radiators are designed to be efficient, the De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator has a unique heating mechanism that enhances the chimney effect. Cold air is sucked into the radiator at the bottom of the chimneys. The air is forced up through the hottest part of the heater and expelled out at the top in a convection process. This allows the radiator to warm your room quickly. The large radiator fins aid the chimney effect, providing a larger radiant surface.

An Elegant Design

This oil-filled radiator has an elegant design and stunning finish. It has a smooth profile with rounded edges that improve its safety.

The De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator’s features include easy to assemble wheels, a carry handle, a robust build, a timer feature, an anti-frost function, and a safety cut-out feature.


  • Warms up quickly
  • It is capable of sustaining high heat output for extended periods
  • Durable owing to its solid build
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to use settings controls


  • It is relatively loud when starting up and shutting down especially when new
  • The radiator produces a hot-oil smell when new (clears up after a period of using the heater)

4. Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

The Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator is a powerful radiator designed to warm your home with fast and sustained heat output over an extended period. Moreover, it has an aesthetically pleasing design and finish that blends into your décor for the ultimate heating experience.


Powerful Performance

The Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator is powerful enough to warm up rooms in a matter of minutes. Importantly, this oil-filled radiator is capable of continuous performance, thereby mainlining a constant heat output. It will keep your room to your liking.

Three Output Settings

This oil radiator is capable of variable heat output, allowing it to match different heating requirements. For instance, if you need a little heating, you can set the heat output at 1000W. On the other hand, when you need a lot of heating fast, you can set the heat output at 2500W.

Advanced Safety Features

The Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator has three advanced safety features that combine to create a safe user experience. It has a safety tip-over switch, overheat protection, and automatic thermal cut-off.

24-Hour Timer

The 24-hour timer is an automation feature that switches the heat on and off at scheduled times. Users can, therefore, set the radiator to switch on or switch off at a particular time. Aside from helping automate the operations of the heater, this feature also helps reduce energy wastage when you are typically not using it by automatically shutting it off.

Other features worth mentioning include the castor wheels and the 1.5m power cable.


  • Produces ample heat that warms rooms fast
  • The supplied wheels make it for users to move the radiator with ease
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing design and finish that suits indoor decor
  • The timer automates much of the switching on and off
  • Energy efficient
  • Variable heat output helps users control the heat output to their liking


  • Installing the wheels is a tad daunting
  • The instructions for wheel assembly are difficult to understand

5. Futura 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

Futura 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

The Futura 2500W Oil Filled Radiator is a radiator designed to warm your living, garage, office quickly, or bedroom. With 11 fins, the radiator has ample radiant surface to emit and sustain heat production that keeps you warm even on the coldest nights. It is also energy efficient and will not burn a hole in your budget. In a nutshell, this oil-filled radiator is energy efficient and effective at keeping you warm.


Advanced Safety Features

It comes with a tip-over switch that will shut down the radiator when knocked over. However, it does have a stable base that makes tipping over highly unlikely. It also has an overheat protection feature. Combining these two features reduces the risk of accidents emanating from using the radiator. You can comfortably use the Futura 2500W Oil Filled Radiator safe to use indoors.

3 Heating Mode

Depending on your heating requirements, you can use the maximum heat output of 2500W, the medium heat output of 1500W, or the least heat output of 1000W. The variable heat performance helps users to match the radiator’s heat output with their heating needs.

A Digital 24 Hour Countdown Timer

The digital count-down timer helps to automate the switch on and shut down process. Users can program in switch-on time and switch-off times. For instance, you can program the radiator to switch on 5 to 10 minutes before arriving home or at the office and switch off 10 minutes after leaving home or at the office.

It also comes with a 1.5-metre cable, a 2-year warranty, and wheels for rolling the heater around.


  • With 11 fins and a powerful heating element, it produces enough to warm big rooms/spaces quickly
  • It is capable of sustained heat production
  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Affordable for its capability


  • The expansion and contraction of the metals in the radiator (when new) produce a clicking noise that can be annoying when sleeping

6. NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator

NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator

Need to take an edge off the cold? The NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator will keep you warm and cosy all winter long. This powerful heater is easy to move around since it has wheels. It provides even heat, and it doesn’t use a lot of electricity. This heater is efficient and powerful enough to heat medium to large rooms easily.


Powerful Heat

This portable and compact heater provides 2500W of heat at the highest setting. It has 11 fins that are filled with oil. The adjustable thermostat makes it easy to control how much heat you need.

The heater has two power settings, providing additional control over the heat. It also has a 24-hour timer that allows you to control when you run the heater. This will save you money.

Portable And Light

The NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator has four castor wheels and a built-in handle that allows you to move the heater around your home easily. The heater has a 1.5M power cable, and it also has a built-in cable organiser that is going to keep the cable tidy.

Safe To Operate

This heater is safe to operate. It has an overheating protection system that ensures the heater will shut off if it overheats or gets tipped over. Operate the heater with peace of mind since you don’t have to worry about the heater overheating.


  • 2500W of even, powerful heat that will keep medium to large-sized rooms warm and cosy
  • Overheating protection ensures that the heater is going to turn off if it gets tipped over
  • Adjustable thermostat allows you to keep your room the right temperature


  • No remote control means you have to operate the heater by hand

7. Dimplex OFC2000TiB Oil Filled Radiator

Dimplex OFC2000TiB Oil Filled Radiator

Oil-filled radiators have accrued a reputation for being energy efficient and effective heaters. What they are typically not known for is their quiet operations. The vast majority of oil-fill radiators make a lot of noise in the form of clicks when operating. That is not the case with the Dimplex OFC2000TiB Oil Filled Radiator, which has been designed for quiet operations. If you are a light sleeper and you are on the market for a silent oil-filled radiator, the Dimplex Oil Filled Radiator is a good choice.


Steel Frame

The Dimplex Oil Filled Radiator has a steel frame and body. The steel structure increases its stability, sturdiness, and durability. Unlike many other oil-fill radiators with a plastic frame, you can rest assured that this radiator will last long.

Two Heat Setting

For its variable heating capability, this radiator comes with two heat settings. The two heat settings offer limited control as many other oil-filled radiators have at least three heat settings.

An Electro-Mechanical Timer

The Dimplex Oil Filled Radiator comes with an electro-mechanical timer that provides 24hr programming capability. Moreover, given that the timer is electro-mechanical, it is far more durable and versatile than some of the timers incorporated into oil-filled radiators.

Safety Features

On the safety front, the Dimplex Oil Filled Radiator comes with a safety tip-over cut out switch. The switch turns the radiator off automatically in the event it tips over.


  • Exceptionally quiet operations
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Quick to warm up rooms
  • Sturdy steel build made for durability
  • The castor wheels enhance the portability of the unit
  • With the radiator measuring 45.6cm by 28.3cm by 63.5cm, it has a compact design


  • The LED User interface screen produces an unnecessarily bright light that is always on as long as the radiator is connected to the mains
  • While being bright, the control screens have poor contrast, making viewing and using the screen difficult

8. VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator – Black

VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator - Black

Enjoy targeted heat wherever you need it with the Black VonHaus Oil-Filled Radiator. This portable radiator puts out steady heat and keeps the utility bills down. You can easily move it where you want it to, and it works great in every room. You will stay warm and comfortable in every room of the house with this versatile heater.


Three Heat Settings

The three heat settings allow you to get just the right temperature. The lowest setting is 800W, and the medium setting gives you 1200W heat. The highest setting puts out a respectable 2000W of heat which will keep you toasty. The heater comes with an adjustable thermostat to keep the temperature steady.


This radiator has 9 oil-filled fins. It is made out of stylish black steel. It has four caster wheels and a carry handle that allows you to move the radiator from room to room. It also has a 1.6 metre power cable that stores away when you are not using the heater.

Overheat Protection

The last thing you want is to worry about the heater tipping over or getting too hot. The overheat protection feature ensures that the heater will shut off quickly if it overheats or gets knocked over. You have peace of mind using this heater because you know it isn’t going to start a fire.


  • Stylish black steel design looks good in any setting
  • Overheat protection ensures that the heater is not going to start a fire
  • Three heat settings keep you comfortable in any type of cold weather
  • Adjustable temperature/Thermostat keeps the room temperature just right


  • Power cord could be longer
  • Heater lacks a remote control and must be turned on by hand

9. Kingavon Slimline Oil Filled Radiator

Kingavon Slimline Oil Filled Radiator

The Kingavon slimline oil-filled radiator is a seven-fin radiator. It has an output of 1.5kW. It is small enough that it can fit in any setting. It is suitable for the home and office, and the radiator blends well with any surroundings.

It comes fitted with an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature and makes sure that it maintains the desired temperature. It is built with seven fins to increase the surface area to volume ratio, making it an efficient heater. It comes fitted with simple controls that are user-friendly and easy to operate.

It also comes with a carry handle making it easily portable. You can carry the heater from room to room without hassle. It has wide casters to increase its stability and helps ease movement. It is also easy to clean as the paint doesn’t chip off. It comes in black colour only.

Kingavon has been a known household name. It is well known for building lighting, household security, and electrical products.


Adjustable Thermostat

It is fitted with an adjustable thermostat. The thermostat is used to regulate and maintain optimum heat. It works by monitoring surrounding temperatures and adjusting heat according to the surrounding.

Three Preset Heat Setting

The radiator is built with three preset heat settings. You can choose between the three heat settings easily.

This radiator comes with 1000W, 1500W, and 2000W outputs.

User Friendly

The radiator is fitted with simple controls to enable easy usage. It is user-friendly, and anyone can easily operate the radiator. Users can use the machine straight out of the box without even prior training.


It has an inbuilt carry handle to make it easily portable.

Superior Build

It is built with superior materials and paint; hence it can be easily cleaned.


  • Easily portable because if the carry handle
  • Adjustable thermostat to control the heat and maintain temperatures at an optimum level
  • It can easily be cleaned


  • Available only in black colour

10. Oypla Electrical Portable Oil Filled Radiator

Oypla Electrical Portable Oil Filled Radiator

The Oypla electrical 2500W heater is an 11-fin radiator heater. It has a heat output of 2500W. It is perfect for providing stable amounts of heat for a sustained period. The heater comes with three preset heat settings. It is also coupled with an adjustable room thermostat that helps maintain desired temperatures and prevent overheating.

It is also fitted with an overheat safety feature to increase its safety. It has a stylish design that can fit any room. The radiator has wide-span castors that increase stability and easy transportation of the heater around the house.


Three Preset Heat Settings

Three preset heat settings, the output power that the heater can generate is 1000W, 1500W and 2500W

Adjustable Thermostat

It is fitted with an adjustable thermostat. This ensures that desired temperatures are maintained with no overheating or unnecessary cooling.

Overheat Protection System

An overheat protection system provides safety which cuts off the power once it detects the heater is reaching high temperatures to avoid overheating.

Wide-span Caster

This radiator is light and can be carried around the house easily. With wide-span casters to increase stability, the radiator stays upright, makes it easy to transport, and cannot fall easily.


  • It has a safety overheat feature for safe operation
  • Adjustable thermostat to ensure that the desired temperature is maintained
  • Easily portable


  • Can develop an electric fault on the fuse after heavy usage.

Comparing Key Specifications and Features

When selecting the right oil-filled radiator for your home, understanding the differences in features, performance, and value is crucial. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve compiled a detailed comparison of the oil-filled radiators from above. Our comparison table below breaks down key metrics and features of each model, ranging from heating power and heat settings to safety features and customer ratings.

This table is designed to provide a clear, side-by-side comparison of each product, helping you easily identify the radiator that best meets your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for the most energy-efficient model, the one with the highest heating power, or the radiator that offers the best value for money, our comprehensive guide covers you.

Take a look at our comparison table below to find the perfect oil-filled radiator for your space:

ModelHeating Power (Watts)Heat Settings (Number)Thermostat (Yes/No)Safety FeaturesPortability (Weight in kg)Dimensions (HxWxD in cm)Price Range (£)Warranty PeriodCustomer Ratings (out of 5)
VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator2500W3YesThermal Cut-Off
Safety Tip-Over Switch
Automatic Overheat Protection
12.148 x 23 x 60£60-£802 Years4.3
Warmlite Portable Electric Oil Filled Radiator650W1YesOverheat Protection2.64Fin size: 100 x 330 mm£20-£401 Year3.9
De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator2000W3YesOverheat Safety Cut-Out Mechanism1544 x 16 x 65£140-£160Not Stated4.6
Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator2500W3YesBuilt-In Overheat Protection
Safety Tip-Over Switch
Automatic Thermal Shutoff
11.762.7 x 51.5 x 24.5£60-£80Not Stated4.4
Futura 2500W Oil Filled Radiator2500W3YesOverheat Protection1363 x 50 x 25£60-£80Not Stated4.5
NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator2500W2YesOverheat Protection11.355 x 46 x 12£60-£801 Year4.4
Dimplex OFC2000TiB Oil Filled Radiator1500W2YesSafety Cut-Out11.4163.5 x 45.6 x 28.3£80-£100Not Stated4.3
VonHaus Oil Filled Radiator – Black2000W3YesThermal Cut-Off
Safety Tip-Over Switch
Automatic Overheat Protection
7.255 x 24 x 40£40-£602 Years4.3
Kingavon Slimline Oil Filled Radiator1500W3YesNot Stated6.44‎57.5 x 37.5 x 13£40-£60Not Stated4
Oypla Electrical Portable Oil Filled Radiator2500W3YesOverheat Protection9.262.5 x 50 x 25£60-£80Not Stated4.5

Oil Filled Radiator Buying Guide

Oil-filled radiators are generally portable electric heaters that are usually oil-filled and are heated by a single or more electric elements. Additionally, the oil is permanently sealed and doesn’t need refilling. Oil-filled radiators offer a mixture of convection and radiant heat, unlike other types of electric heating.

That implies that they heat the air in the room and directly heat the items within it. As a result, it allows the room to have a comfortable warmth without having to dry out the air. In this guide, you’ll learn more regarding the features you should look out for when buying an oil-filled radiator, how it works, some of its benefits, and the costs involved.

In this guide, you’ll learn more regarding the features you should look out for when buying an oil-filled radiator, how it works, some of its benefits, and the costs involved.

Key Takeaways

  • Oil-filled radiators are portable electric heaters that offer a combination of convection and radiant heat, making them effective at warming the air and objects in a room.
  • When buying an oil-filled radiator, consider its power output, wheel portability, safety features like tip-over switches, design and size, price, timer control, and heat settings to make an informed decision.
  • Oil-filled radiators are cost-effective and efficient heaters, with the ability to maintain warmth even after turning off, but their running costs depend on factors like power output and electricity rates.

Key Features to Consider

Before you can arrive at your decision of getting an oil-filled radiator, it’s prudent to familiarise yourself with some of the key features of one. Ensure that you have a specific budget in mind and remember that the more perks a certain radiator has, the higher the price will be. There’re a few great value options, and this guide will assist you in spotting them by outlining the key specs of a good oil-filled heater.

Oil Filled Radiator


Well, output matters. You don’t require a product that will not supply you with a decent amount of heat. If you already know the size of the room you want to heat, then you’ll be in a better position to decide how strong you think your radiator should be.

Generally, the most powerful ones consist of a heat output between 1500W and 2500W. Anything over 2000W may be slight overkill. However, you fall into a category where value and energy efficiency aren’t so great at such a level. After all, maybe you should look for something that will do a great job but won’t significantly increase your energy bills.

At a minimum, 600W is the wattage you should look out for. Though such a setting isn’t going to make a huge difference, it may be pretty convenient for a small study.


Portability is another important characteristic that should be present. A radiator without wheels will be pinned down in only a single room. If you want to move it, you’ll have to wait for it to cool off so that you can lift it and then carry it to wherever you want. Such an ordeal is certainly not pleasant to anyone.

What’s more, the wheels act as a buffer between the floor and the body of the heater. People keep those heaters on wooden floors or carpets, and you want to have the proper distance between the two. That also shows you that a set of wheels will play a significant role in safety.

Safety Features

Safety is an essential feature, and you should never ignore its presence or absence. If an oil-filled radiator includes a tip-over switch, then there is a high likelihood it will be safe. This feature is of utmost importance to you for those with pets or children running around. Apart from preventing the malfunctioning of the product, it will also avoid a complete fire hazard disaster.


Your oil-filled radiator heater’s style also plays a role; it doesn’t come down to just the colour options. Certain people focus on how a product looks and usually find themselves passing on a good deal due to the thing that doesn’t “compliment” their specific living room setting.

What’s more, the size of a heater is also very important due to the liquid inside. Generally, the bigger the body, the more time it will require to heat up. Though it sounds like an inconvenience, it doesn’t have to be. Once the radiator heats up and this large body begins to emit warmth, you could turn it off.

It will, therefore, take more time for that radiator to cool off. After the fins and the oil are hot, they’ll remain in that situation for a while. Therefore, a larger body implies slower convection but also lengthened cooling-off period. Though it comes down to your specific preference, this trade-off is worth it in many cases.


Besides oil-filled radiators being very reasonably priced, they feature among the most affordable heating devices available, starting from as low as £25. Since these radiators are cost-effective, you’ll have to look for a model with the specific characteristics to suit your requirements. Setting out your own needs will assist you in making the right choice.

Timer Control/ Crucial Heat Settings

It’s a crucial aspect of every oil-filled radiator heater since the way you operate it will help in determining the possibilities that that product has, the level of comfort, as well as the price. Certain heaters come with a digital display, and they additionally make a few friendly beeping sounds when you press their buttons.

Though it sounds like fun, is it really that essential? Regardless if you rotate dials or press buttons to operate your heaters, it shouldn’t be all that necessary. Most electric radiators also come with a timer function. In reality, however, some analogue ones also comprise that ability and tend to come at a relatively lower price.

What’s more, the more digitisation you include, the more things are likely to go wrong. And after your software or display goes bad, you will incur a cost to fix. Generally, a heater has a single purpose and is certainly not associated with being perky. The money’s value doesn’t lie in the costly flashy product but rather in the one that will surely improve your room’s temperature.

Additionally, you certainly require a heater that has a thermostat and a minimum of two power output settings. Usually, the thermostat will switch off the thing once a specific temperature is achieved. The output settings will enable you to decide on the heater’s power consumption at any given moment.

Oil-Filled Radiators

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does an Oil-filled Radiator Work?

  1. Electricity flows into the resistor of the heater, which then turns the energy into heat
  2. Absorption of heat through the inert diathermic oil within the heater
  3. Once the oil starts to heat up, it flows via the radiator fins and columns, in the same way as a stream of hot water flowing via plumbing
  4. Heat transfer between the heater’s metal fin and the warm oil occurs, allowing an even level of warmth
  5. While the metal fins start to heat up, they produce heat into the room. It moves throughout the space via natural air convection

What are the Advantages of an Oil-filled Radiator?

  • Oil-filled radiators contain no fans; this makes them near silent
  • No fan implies that the oil heater won’t need to dry the air in your room
  • Electric heaters practically 100% energy efficient. Due to the absence of a fan motor in this oil-filled heater, it makes it ultra-efficient
  • Oil-filled heaters have a longer-lasting warmth, even after cutting off the power
  • Once space or room reaches the required temperature, the device will then cycle on and off to keep that warmth and even save as much energy as possible, instead of just running non-stop
  • Since the oil is not a fuel source, it won’t be necessary to replace it

How Much Does It Cost to Run an Oil Filled Radiator?

When it’s first switched on, the device will run at full power, attempting to heat the oil to operating temperature. If the radiator can’t heat the room to the required temperature, it will continue to operate at full power. It’s the worst-case scenario for calculating running costs.

You could look at the maximum power output of the oil-filled radiator and your latest bill’s cost per unit of electricity to determine its maximum running cost. Remember, an oil-filled radiator’s power output is measured in Watts.

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  • Hands-On Testing: We don’t merely rely on specifications; we subject each oil-filled radiator to rigorous hands-on testing. This allows us to provide comprehensive assessments, including energy efficiency and user-friendliness measurements, ensuring you get real-world insights into each radiator’s performance.
  • Transparency: Our reviews are conducted with a transparent and unbiased methodology. We meticulously evaluate the features and functionality of each recommendation. We aim to offer you all the essential information without any external influence.
  • Experience: Our reviews go beyond mere comparisons; they are experience narratives. We explain how each oil-filled radiator has evolved from previous models, delve into the design choices made by manufacturers, and elucidate how these factors impact your daily heating experience.

Our reviews are meticulously crafted to assist you in choosing the best oil-filled radiators for 2024. We provide you with all the necessary information, detailed comparisons, and expert opinions to make an informed decision. With our dedication to quality and your unique heating requirements, we are here to ensure that your home remains a warm and efficient haven of comfort.


We hope you enjoyed our article on the best oil filled radiators. There are so many things to consider when looking for an oil filled radiator for your home. With our guide, hopefully you will have an easier time finding the perfect oil filled radiator for your needs!

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