Deciding on a heater with the plethora of portable space heaters on the market can be a daunting process. That said, the oil-free radiator – the successor of the oil-filled radiator – is a great choice.

Oil Free Radiators have been designed to be more efficient, simpler to run, and much safer. And unlike the traditional oil-filled radiator, the oil-free heater heats up quickly and disperse the heat produced equally quickly.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best oil free radiators available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 5 Best Oil Free Radiators




Dimplex CDE2Ti 2KW Electric Oil Free Radiator

Dimplex CDE2Ti 2KW Electric Oil Free Radiator

The Dimplex CDE2Ti 2KW Electric Oil Free Radiator is a lightweight heater that is fast to warm up, portable and easy to move around. Read more

Dimplex EVORAD2BTA Evo Rad 2kW Oil Free Radiator

Dimplex EVORAD2BTA Evo Rad 2kW Oil Free Radiator

The powerful Dimplex EVORAD2BTA Evo Rad 2kW Oil Free Radiator features remote Bluetooth control, boost functionality and programmability. Read more

Dimplex OFRC20TiN 2 KW Oil Free Radiator

Dimplex OFRC20TiN 2 KW Oil Free Radiator

The Dimplex OFRC20TiN 2 KW Oil Free Radiator is very quick to heat up and offers two heat settings with thermostatic control and a 24-hour timer. Read more

Dimplex OFRC20C Electric Oil Free Column Heater

Dimplex OFRC20C Electric Oil Free Column Heater

The Dimplex OFRC20C Electric Oil Free Column Heater has a choice of two heat settings, thermostat with frost setting and easy glide castors. Read more

Dimplex OFRC20N Oil Free Electric Heater

Dimplex OFRC20N Oil Free Electric Heater

The Dimplex OFRC20N Oil Free Electric Heater is lightweight, compact and easily portable and is quick to warm up. Read more

Best Oil Free Radiators

1. Dimplex CDE2Ti 2KW Electric Oil Free Radiator

Dimplex CDE2Ti 2KW Electric Oil Free Radiator

One of the best ways to stay warm this winter is to buy the Dimplex CDE2Ti 2KW Electric Oil Free Radiator. This radiator fits anywhere and the compact size allows you to place it wherever you need a little bit of extra heat. The radiator is very efficient and it warms up fast so you get to enjoy the heat right away. This lightweight radiator is easy to move around and it will keep your house warm all winter long.


Warms Up Fast And Saves Energy

You won’t be waiting in the cold for long because this heater warms up 30 percent faster than other oil-filled radiators. You feel the heat almost instantly so you can start to warm up right away. The heater is also 10 percent more efficient to run than other oil-filled heaters which means you are going to enjoy lower utility bills.

Portable And No Messy Cables

When you are not using the heater you can easily hide the cables in the convenient cable storage area. The heater is also very portable and you won’t have to worry about it being heavy when you move it around. Since there is no oil in the radiator, the radiator is about 50 percent lighter than other radiators. You won’t have to struggle moving it from room to room.

Direct Heat Where You Want It

The Dimplex CDE2Ti 2KW Electric Oil Free Radiator allows you to direct the heat right where you want it thanks to the innovative twin-panel technology that allows you to switch each side of the heater on or off. This allows you to control the direction of the heat.


  • Warms up fast
  • Easy to direct the heat where you want it
  • Portable and easy to move around


  • No remote control

2. Dimplex EVORAD2BTA Evo Rad 2kW Oil Free Radiator

Dimplex EVORAD2BTA Evo Rad 2kW Oil Free Radiator

Over the years, you used Bluetooth speakers and headphones. But did you ever imagine you could control your home radiator using Bluetooth? Thanks to the Dimplex Evo Rad Oil Free Radiator, you can even do that now. This is one of the most advanced oil-free radiators you will ever see. The LED changes color from time to time, you can pair your phone with the Bluetooth of this radiator and control the settings from anywhere in the room, and it can change the temperature according to the weather conditions.



This is a lightweight, freestanding unit that you can carry anywhere. All you need to do is have enough oil in the canister; the radiator will take care of the rest.

Climate Control

It displays your last temperature setting so that you don’t have to fiddle with the buttons frequently. You can connect the radiator with your phone’s Bluetooth to change the temperature as and when required.

Dual heat setting

There are two heat settings, low and high, in this radiator. It has a maximum output of 2 kW that can heat any medium-sized room quickly.

If you don’t mind paying the price for advanced features in an oil-free radiator, then the Dimplex Evo Rad Oil Free Radiator should definitely be on your list. Everything in this radiator is top-notch, and you will have the warmest winter this season if you decide to invest in this particular model.


  • The castors and handles allow the user to carry this radiator easily.
  • Controlling the heat intensity is much easier now as you can connect the radiator with your mobile via Bluetooth.
  • The eco heat setting optimizes energy use so that it doesn’t consume too much oil.


  • It is quite expensive compared to other oil-free radiators.

3. Dimplex OFRC20TiN 2 KW Oil Free Radiator

Dimplex OFRC20TiN 2 KW Oil Free Radiator

Finding a reliable and long-lasting oil-free radiator is hard to come across. You either find one that lasts a couple of years or one that doesn’t have enough efficiency to heat a moderately-sized room. But the Dimplex OFRC20TiN 2 KW Oil Free Radiator is here to change your experience once and for all. It comes with a patented oil free technology that makes it faster to heat up, lighter than the other radiators, and most importantly, an economical variant that doesn’t hike up your energy bills every month.


Quick Heating

It runs on 2 kW power, which means the radiator hardly takes a few minutes to heat up a room. It will start operating in full blast once you switch it on.

Dual Heat Setting

If you don’t want the room to be too hot, you can notch down the intensity of the radiator. It has two heat settings that allow you to switch from warm to heat mode quickly. Plus, it has got thermostatic control that doesn’t allow the radiator to keep firing on all cylinders all the time. This helps to save a lot of oil.

24-hour Digital Timer

You can adjust the timer to allow the radiator to switch on or off automatically.

The Dimplex OFRC20TiN 2 KW Oil Free Radiator is a gem of a radiator. If you don’t want to invest in a high-end electric radiator, this is the best alternative you can try. It has a lot of additional features that electric radiators don’t.


  • You don’t need to spend too much time on maintenance.
  • The overheat safety-cut doesn’t allow the radiator to heat up if it operates for long hours.
  • It comes with a three-year guarantee.


  • The position of the LCD display can be awkward to read.

4. Dimplex OFRC20C Electric Oil Free Column Heater

Dimplex OFRC20C Electric Oil Free Column Heater

This small heater is unobtrusive and easy to move around and is powerful enough to get the job done too. This electric oil-free column heater is ideal for home or small office use. It boasts a choice of two heat settings as well as a frost setting.


Easy Glide Castors for Hassle-Free Movement

The easy glide castors allow you to slide the heater over to exactly where you need it without stress. The heater is small and elegant looking and weighs just 9.8 kg, so it is easy to move around as you need it.

Powerful and Compact

This 2kw heater is more than powerful enough to get the job done. This column heater provides more heat, faster, than an oil radiator with the same power rating. It heats up quickly and is surprisingly energy efficient too.

Tidy and Unobtrusive

The fin design offers enhanced heat distribution and allows the heater to be smaller than you would expect for the amount of heat it puts out. The cable tidy makes the heater easy to store during the warmer months.

Intelligent Thermostat

The heater has a built-in thermostat that monitors the overall temperature and will switch off the heater when required. This means that you can run the heater for long periods and not have to worry that it is constantly draining electricity and producing heat during that time. In a small room, the heater will bring the room up to the desired temperature quickly, then shut off temporarily and switch back on only to maintain the temperature.


  • Lightweight
  • Multi-fin design for good heat output
  • Energy efficient
  • Integrated cable tidy for ease of storage
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Two heat modes
  • Frost mode
  • Remote control
  • Near silent in operation
  • 3 Year warranty


  • The build quality isn’t as impressive as other radiators from Dimplex

5. Dimplex OFRC20N Oil Free Electric Heater

Dimplex OFRC20N Oil Free Electric Heater

When it comes to oil-free radiators, Dimplex is one brand that you can trust with your eyes closed. The all-new Dimplex OFRC20TiN 2 KW Oil Free Radiator is an example of the highest level of radiator that you can come across. Dimplex has patented oil-free technology that they used in this ORC column radiator. If you want to heat your room in minutes, this radiator will help you with that. Its ultra-fast heating ability makes your room from shivering cold to warm and cozy in a flash.


Easy to Carry

Dimplex didn’t want to make this radiator too heavy. That is why they made it lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere you want. And since it runs on oil and not electricity, you can take it on camping trips also.

Two Heat Settings

You have a warm mode and heat mode along with a thermostatic rotary dial. It helps you to switch from the two modes, depending on the heat intensity you need in the room.

Ideal for Medium-sized Rooms

This radiator is best for small and medium-sized rooms. Since it heats quickly, you don’t have to wait for a long time to enjoy the warmth.

The Dimplex OFRC20TiN 2 KW Oil Free Radiator is indeed, one of the best radiators in the market now. You can take it anywhere you want. Just make sure you have the oil handy, and the radiator will take care of the rest. It heats up quickly and can make any medium-sized room cozy enough within minutes.


  • The lightweight and compact size, along with castors and integrated handles, make it easy to carry the radiator.
  • It saves almost 9% energy compared to electric radiators.
  • It is BEAB-approved.


  • You cannot hang this radiator on the wall.

Oil Free Radiator Buying Guide

An oil-free variant of portable space heater is the perfect addition in homes that require a portable heater that is efficient, safer, and, importantly, heats rooms fast. Read on to attain a better understanding of the latest and greatest in portable heating solutions.

What Is An Oil-Free Radiator?

Oil Free RadiatorAn oil-free radiator is a portable radiator designed with the latest heating technology on the market. Typically, such a heater uses an aluminium (and sometimes, ceramic) heating element. The more common of the two heaters is the aluminium heater, which tends to heat up much faster (is more responsive) and weighs significantly less. On the other hand, the ceramic heater tends to retain heater for longer, thus disperse heater for longer but weighs much more.

How Does An Oil-Free Radiator Work?

As mentioned above, oil-free radiators work by heating an aluminium or ceramic heating element. After heat production, the heat is transferred and dispersed throughout your room using a combination of convection and radiation in a similar fashion as traditional oil-filled radiators. However, oil-free radiators tend to be more efficient in the heat production process and faster at heating rooms.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Oil-Free Radiator?

It is difficult to put a precise number on how much it will cost you to run an oil-free radiator. Nonetheless, they tend to be far cheaper to run than their oil-filled counterparts. High-quality oil-free radiators offer as much as 9% energy savings compared to the traditional space heaters filled with oil. The energy savings are particularly prevalent when using the portable heater to warm up space when it is not extremely cold.

For instance, using an oil-free heater to raise the temperature in your living from 10 degrees Celsius to a comfortable 20 to 25 degree Celsius will be more efficient than using the central heating system. The energy-saving made typically translate to cost savings, which in the long run, helps save you a lot of money on heating your home.

What Are The Benefits Of An Oil-Free Radiator?

Easier And Cheaper To Recycle

Electric Oil Free RadiatorIf you care about the environment, the ease of recycling the appliances you purchase has to matter a great concern. Complicated recycling processes deter recycling while increasing the cost of the process, thereby reducing the chances of recycling. With this in mind, you will be happy to note that oil-free radiators are some of the easiest to recycle.

Equally, they are incredibly cheap to recycle since there is no special consideration or process involved. The recycling process does not have to consider and go through oil removal, as is the case with traditional portable oil-fill space heaters.

Light, Compact, And Portable Design

The oil-free heating technology behind modern oil-free radiators is inherently lightweight – on 10% lighter on average. Add the fact that there is no pressurised oil in the radiator, and you end up with a lightweight heater. Moreover, most oil-free radiators are compact. As such, oil-free heaters are incredibly portable; you can move the radiator around with ease.

Fast Heating

Traditional oil-filled column heaters tend to be slow heaters. Given that the heating element is submerged in an oil medium, the heating element must first warm the oil sufficiently before it can emit heat into your room to warm up space. As you can appreciate, this is a time-consuming process that affects the speed with which an oil-filled heater can warm your rooms.

An oil-free heater, on the other hand, heats space quickly as there is no oil shrouding the heating element that needs to get-up-to-temperature. And just like oil-filled column heaters, oil-free space heaters can transfer and disperse heat through radiation and convective means. The lack of oil has no negative impact on the performance of the heater.

They Run Maintenance-Free

Another benefit of oil-free radiators is their ease of maintenance, or better yet, lack of it. They lack oil or any fluid in the system; as such, there is no risk of rupture or leaks. You do not have to worry about the joints in the heater coming undone and leaking, something that can shorten the life of the radiator, or destroy it completely. Oil-free radiators are ultimately much easier to control.

Features To Look For In An Oil-Free Radiator

Just like any other electric heaters, oil-free radiator models come with a wide variety of features. However, some features are more significant than others. To this end, you should prioritise the following features:

  • Heat Output
  • Intuitive Temperature Control
  • Remote Control
  • Guarantee
  • Portability
  • Heat up time
  • Safety Features
  • Programmable Timer

The radiator should produce ample heat to match your needs. Additionally, the radiator should heat fast, thereby warming your room in as little time as possible. The controls (both manual and remote controls) the heater comes with should easy and intuitive to use. It is of critical importance that you purchase a radiator with advanced safety features to keep you and your house safe. And finally, for the best experience, ensure the oil-free radiator you are buying has a programmable timer, a long-term guarantee, and it has a portable design.