Are you looking for a space-saving and unobtrusive heating solution? Skirting board heaters are designed to be slimline, compact and energy-efficient and are great for warming your office or any room in your home.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best skirting board heaters available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 5 Best Skirting Board Heaters




Glen 500 W Skirting Heater

Glen 500 W Skirting Heater

The Glen 500 W Skirting Heater is a slimline and compact heater that can be wall-mounted or used freestanding and features advanced safety features and one year guarantee. Read more

Adax NEO Modern Electric Skirting Panel Heater

Adax NEO Modern Electric Skirting Panel Heater

The Adax NEO Modern Electric Skirting Panel Heater is a sleek looking slimline heater with all the mod cons including LCD temperature display, digital thermostat and programmable timer. Read more

Adax Neo WiFi Skirting Electric Heater

Adax Neo WiFi Skirting Electric Heater

The ultra-modern Adax Neo WiFi Skirting Electric Heater incorporates Smart WiFi home automation technology, and features include powerful heat, LCD temperature display, digital thermostat, anti-asthma/allergy and open window recognition. Read more

MYLEK Electric Skirting Board Convector Heater

MYLEK Electric Skirting Board Convector Heater

The MYLEK Electric Skirting Board Convector Heater features user-friendly touchscreen controls, remote control, intelligent thermostat and advanced safety features. Read more

Glen 2150N Skirting Heater

Glen 2150N Skirting Heater

The Glen 2150N Skirting Heater offers an adjustable thermostat with frost setting, safety cut-out and ample heat. Read more

Best Skirting Board Heaters

1. Glen 500 W Skirting Heater

Glen 500 W Skirting Heater

Are you seeking an elegant yet highly effective heater to provide warmth in your residence when it is chilly? Try the Glen 500 W Skirting Heater. This sleek white heater is slim and unobtrusive meaning that it can blend in perfectly in almost any type of surrounding.

If you have space constraints in your property, this heater is perfect since it is relatively small and does not occupy a lot of space. What’s more, this heater is portable but it can also be mounted on the wall.

On acquiring the Glen Skirting Heater, you are essentially choosing to rely on a highly functional heater manufactured by Dimplex – A company that has been providing UK residents with high quality and durable heating solutions for the past seven decades.


Highly Functional

As mentioned earlier, this heater is small and compact and it is highly portable. Depending on your heating needs, you can move it from room to room. It is also easy to use since you just have to plug it in to heat your space.

Very Safe

This heater comes with some of the best safety features. For starters, it has an overheat protection meaning that it automatically turns off when it reaches the desired heating levels. In case of a power surge, this heater is protected by an electrical cut-out.

To cap it off, this heater is approved by the British Electrotechnical Approvals Board (BEAB) meaning that it meets the safety standards in the UK and Europe.


  • Despite its compact size, this heater has a 500 W heat output meaning that it can effectively heat small spaces in a short period of time
  • This heater comes with some of the best safety features meaning better peace of mind when you are making a purchase
  • This heater is sleek and can blend in smoothly in almost any surroundings
  • It comes with a one-year warranty


  • Though it heats small spaces, it cannot be used in bathrooms

2. Adax NEO Modern Electric Skirting Panel Heater

Adax NEO Modern Electric Skirting Panel Heater

The Adax NEO Panel Heater is a well-regarded option for those who want to regulate their living space in an organised fashion. It’s aesthetic design and low profile ensure users enjoy their new heater without having to worry about its performance or general appearance. It’s easy on the eyes and provides exceptional value.


Compact Design

The sleek design is a major plus point with this fascinating panel heater. It comes in at a riveting 200mm (height) and is ideal for most living spaces. Having this in place keeps things simple, organised, and in line with the user’s needs.

Easy to Operate

With straightforward settings and a beautiful mounting setup, this doesn’t take long to get used to. The panel heater is designed to be an effective solution in all types of situations without becoming a problem. This simplicity is wonderful for those who want to set the heater and let it run in the background.

Powerful Heating Output

The amount of heat generated by this panel heater is exceptional. Whether it’s a living room, family room, or a bedroom, this panel heater can keep up without breaking down. For those wanting to regulate the temperature throughout the day, this gets the job done without missing a beat.

Open Window Recognition

When a window is left open at home, the heater quickly picks up on this fact and tweaks the heating. This ensures the room is well-heated throughout the day and can make automated adjustments as the temperature changes. This regulates the living space and allows users to enjoy their time indoors.


  • Aesthetically pleasing wall-mounted design
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Easy to use settings for stable heating
  • Ideal for a variety of living spaces


  • Can take a bit of time to heat a room

3. Adax Neo WiFi Skirting Electric Heater

Adax Neo WiFi Skirting Electric Heater

When you want to stay warm and you want to operate your heater with an app, the Adax Neo WiFi Skirting Electric Heater is a great solution. This heater takes full advantage of Smart WiFi and you can control the heater right from your smartphone. The heater has an LCD temperature display, overheat protection and can be used in a bathroom or kitchen. This heater has all of the latest technology you need.


Smart WiFi Heater

This heater uses Smart WiFi home automation. You can control all of the features of the heater through your smartphone. You can even turn on the heater before you get home so your room is warm.

Digital Thermostat And Timer

The heater has a digital thermostat which makes it very easy to tell how hot the heater is and it also has a 24 hour 7 day timer so you can set the heater and forget it.

Advanced Safety Protection

The heater has many safety improvements that ensure that the heater is going to be safe. The heater has overheat protection in case the heater gets knocked over. The anti-allergy and asthma protection removes pollutants from the air. The open window recognition features turns off the heater if the window is open. The heater also has a child lock so kids won’t be able to turn the heater on. The heater is IP24 rated which makes it suitable for all rooms including the bathroom and the kitchen.

Powerful Heat

The heater mounts on the wall and puts out lots of heat. The low rating is 400W and it goes all the way to 1400W. The heater mounts on the wall.


  • Smart Home compatible and allows you to automate your home
  • Control the heater with a smartphone app
  • Heater puts out lots of heat


  • Can be tricky to connect to WiFi

4. MYLEK Electric Skirting Board Convector Heater

MYLEK Electric Skirting Board Convector Heater

The MYLEK Electric Skirting Board Convector Heater is well-regarded for being a top of the line option for modern living spaces. With its programmable design and unique set of heat settings, there’s enough power to make it useful in a variety of situations. As the temperature drops, this convector heater kicks into action immediately.


User-Friendly Touchscreen

Rather than toggling using hard to locate buttons, this convector heater provides a beautifully designed touchscreen. The touchscreen is easy to navigate and continues to deliver seamless results while switching between heat settings. This ensures users can get the room to feel how they want it to feel when it comes to the overall temperature.

Programmable Memory

When it is time to set the temperature at a well-designed heating setting, this is one of the better convector heaters on the market. IT offers a variety of memory options to set in advance for the heater to follow. This provides a one-touch option while turning the heater on.

Multiple Heat Settings

Whether it is 350w, 700w, or 1000w, the right heat setting is available based on the user’s requirements. Feel free to switch between these settings throughout the day to make sure the room feels comfortable. The simplicity of these settings and how quick the transitions are, make it a world-class heater.

Intelligent Thermostat

To ensure users have an easy time toggling through different settings and getting the heating to a perfect temperature, this heater includes an all-encompassing thermostat. The intelligent thermostat is a must when it comes time to finding the right temperature for a living space.


  • Beautiful slim design for contemporary living spaces
  • Exceptional power and heating output
  • Easy to use settings for quick heating
  • Meets all relevant safety standards


  • Does not include a built-in timer

5. Glen 2150N Skirting Heater

Glen 2150N Skirting Heater

The Glen 2150N Skirting Heater is one of the best heating solutions for small rooms, garages, sheds and small green houses. There is no reason why you should expose yourself or your plants to the detrimental effects of the chilly UK weather when you can simply order this great heater through an online platform like Amazon.

This energy-efficient heater is highly portable and it can be moved and used in different rooms in your house. If you have limited space and are looking to free some space, you can also mount this heater on a wall.

With this gadget heating your spaces, you will also have better peace of mind since it meets the strict safety threshold recommended by BEAB.


Highly Versatile

Why should you buy a heater for every room in your property when you can have one heater for all your spaces? The Glen 2150N heater is highly portable and can be used across different spaces in your residence.

It Is Very Safe

This heater has automatic safety shut-off capability. This means that it can detect when a space is too hot and turn itself off. Additionally, it also has frost protection meaning that it can automatically turn itself on when the room temperature is lower than five degrees Celsius.

It Is Energy-Efficient

With a 500 W output, this heater can effectively heat small spaces in your property without consuming a lot of power. Essentially, this affordable heater allows owners to save money while meeting their heating needs.


  • It is compact and can be used in homes where there are space constraints
  • It has an adjustable thermostat
  • This heater has in-built frost protection
  • It has safety features for maximum protection in case of a power surge or over heating
  • One of the most affordable and efficient heating solutions in the market
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • It is designed and produced by Dimplex – A reputable firm with a wealth of experience in providing quality, effective and durable heating solutions


  • This heater does not have an on/off switch and can only be operated from the socket

Skirting Board Heater Buying Guide

What is a Skirting Board Heater?

Skirting board heaters fit snuggly against your skirting boards (also known as baseboards) and are an ideal heating solution where a low level of heat is required. They are low profile, slimline, compact and an unobtrusive way to heat a room. They are available in freestanding or wall mountable options. The freestanding versions make a great portable heater.

What Are the Benefits of a Skirting Board Heater?


Conventional heaters utilise a lot of valuable space but these heaters do not take up hardly any floor or wall space and you get a lot more usable space in the room.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Room with SkirtingSince skirting board heaters have a slimline and compact design, they look pleasing. Some manufacturers also offer heaters in different colours matching the existing decor of your room.

Ease of Installation

No structural alterations are required for installation of skirting board heaters. You can install them almost everywhere as the system can be easily mounted on any wall. Some manufacturers also allow you to buy tailor-made lengths.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

Skirting board heaters make a great portable heating solution. They are manufactured to be as lightweight as possible so they can be easily moved from room to room if required.

Lower Energy Costs

Electric heaters are more energy-efficient as compared to traditional sources of heating. In fact, many electric heaters maintain 100% efficiency offering high energy savings as compared to traditional heating systems making them good for the environment and for your wallet.

How Much Does It Cost to Run Skirting Board Heaters?

As far as the cost of running a skirting board heater is concerned, it depends on the cost of electricity in your location. For instance, if you buy a 1000 W skirting heater and the cost of electricity in your location is 5p per kilowatt-hour, it will cost you 5p to run it for one hour. If you run it for 10 hours a day, the cost will come to £0.50 per day and you can then arrive at the total cost of heating in a year by multiplying this number with the number of days you plan to use this heater in a year.

Features to Look for in a Skirting Board Heater

Temperature Control

We want to be able to control the room temperature to our preference. Look for a skirting board heater / baseboard heater with an intelligent or smart thermostat. This allows the heater to stop when the temperature goes above the preset temperature and to start heating again when it goes below the preset temperature.

The heating temperature should be adjustable too for flexibility during different seasons. Some come with intelligent remote controls, or in most modern heaters, mobile apps for this purpose. With this, your home is at the temperature you need all the time.

Heat Output

Put a lot of consideration here as the ideal heat output will depend a lot on the size of your room. Large rooms may require a much higher heat output compared to the smaller ones. Most people prefer one that will circulate heat silently across the room, so look for one with convection heating, making it ideal for the bedroom and the house at large.

Energy Efficiency

A skirting board heater that keeps you warm and reduces your heating bills is considered perfect for many people. You should, therefore, look for an electric heater that has energy-efficient performance. Those with aluminium heating heat up quickly keeping you warm and cosy and reducing your electric bills at the same time.


Skirting BoardThe size of a skirting board heater comes into question when we want to ensure that it meets the dimensional requirements of the room and the area it is to be placed. They come in different sizes and may differ in heat output too. Ensure that you measure the size of your room and consult a professional on the same. If you do not want one that takes up a lot of space, consider going for the slimline designs.

Freestanding and or Wall Mountable

This factor highly depends on how you are going to use the heater. For example, if you need to use it in a room that you use frequently, a wall-mountable heater is a better option for you. If you are planning to use it in a big space or it will need to be re positioned frequently, then you need a freestanding heater. The price will matter a little here as the freestanding ones are more expensive than the wall-mountable heaters. For those who prefer both, there are those that are both freestanding and wall-mountable, so you get to change the setting whenever you need to.

Safety Features

If you are looking to have a skirting board heater that is both cosy and safe, consider looking for one with advanced security features such as child-lock, to prevent children from playing around with your heater settings or the heater itself, and the tip-over protection that turns off the heater automatically if someone knocks it over. To ensure that the heater does not overheat if it is left on for long periods of time, consider getting one with the overheat protection feature.


Repairing items when they fail can be really expensive, and can be very annoying if the reason they failed came from the manufacture’s end. To make you feel safer, get a skirting board heater with a warranty. Heating devices malfunction a lot and you might need this to be on the safe side if it happens to yours. You can always ask for a repair, reimbursement or replacement when this happens.