No matter your level of proficiency, a tool box should be more than just a place to store random tools.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, work outdoors, indoors, or on cars, the right tool box will form an essential part of your tool arsenal.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best tool boxes available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Top Picks



Stanley 193968 Mobile Work Center

Stanley 193968 Mobile Work Center

The Stanley 193968 Mobile Work Center separates into two units. It features an extra-large tool box with removable tote tray, a giant lower bin for storage of bulky items and a front draw with carousel design for small parts. Read more

Stanley 1-79-206 Rolling Workshop

Stanley 1-79-206 Rolling Workshop

The Stanley 1-79-206 Rolling Workshop features detachable 19 inches toolbox with drawer, two drawer unit with removable dividers and heavy-duty 7 inches wheels for easy on-site manoeuvrability. Read more

Stanley 170316 19-inch 1-Touch Toolbox with Drawer

Stanley 170316 19-inch 1-Touch Toolbox with Drawer

The heavy-duty designed Stanley 170316 19-inch 1-Touch Toolbox with Drawer features an extra width soft-grip handle, one-touch latch, removable tote tray and v-Groove in the lid. Read more

Stanley 197514 24-inch Tote With Organiser

Stanley 197514 24-inch Tote With Organiser

The Stanley 197514 24-inch Tote With Organiser offers heavy-duty and weatherproof construction, large carry handle and clear lockable lid. Read more

Laser 3487 Tool Box

Laser 3487 Tool Box

The classic Laser 3487 Tool Box includes seven cantilever trays, a padlock hole in the lid for extra security and exceptional compartmentalisation. Read more

Faithfull TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box

Faithfull TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box

The sturdy Faithfull TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box is a five-tray tool box with a tubular steel carry handle, and a padlock can secure the lid of the closed box for added security. Read more

Dirty Pro Tools™ X Large Tool Chest

Dirty Pro Tools™ X Large Tool Chest

The Dirty Pro Tools™ X Large Tool Chest features ball-bearing sliding drawers so they will not stick once loaded with tools, the drawers also include anti-slip mats, and the whole cabinet is lockable. Read more

VonHaus Roller Tool Box with Stackable Boxes

VonHaus Roller Tool Box with Stackable Boxes

The VonHaus Roller Tool Box with Stackable Boxes features durable rubber wheels, two large compartments and a top compartment with six dividers for storing small parts. Read more

DEWALT DWST1-71195 TSTAK Deep Tool Box

DEWALT DWST1-71195 TSTAK Deep Tool Box

The durable DEWALT DWST1-71195 TSTAK Deep Tool Box features a T-STAK module design enabling the option of connecting and customising multiple units, a 23-litre volume capacity and strong bi-material handle on top of each unit for easy and comfortable lifting. Read more

VonHaus Large Tool Chest

VonHaus Large Tool Chest

The VonHaus Large Tool Chest has multiple compartments that offer plenty of storage for all kinds of hand tools, is made from durable steel with a smart hammered finish and includes two keys and locking bar to secure drawers when not in use. Read more

10 Best Tool Boxes

1. Stanley 193968 Mobile Work Center

Stanley 193968 Mobile Work Center

The Stanley Mobile Work Centre model 193968 is designed to meet the needs of a variety of users, including light users such as home DIY enthusiasts looking for an organised garage.

Creatively designed and robustly manufactured, the Mobile Work Centre has been optimised to offer users proper tools organisation and the ability to move the tools around with exceptional ease. In a nutshell, it is a robust tool station on wheels.


2-In-1 Design

The Stanley Mobile Work Centre has a 2-in-1 design consisting of a giant lower bin designed for the storage of bulky items such as heavy power tools or large hand tools. The upper storage bin id detachable, and it is best used to store small, relatively lighter items such as small light power tools and hand tools. In total, you get a large capacity mobile tool station that is designed for an 88lb load capacity.

Front Drawer

Aside from the two large bins, the Stanley Mobile Work Centre has a front swivel drawer perfect for organising small parts such as nails, screws, and drill bits.

Heavy-Duty Construction

This mobile tool station has been designed for heavy-duty usage. Not only is it manufactured to carry a load of 88lbs, but its wheels have also been stressed tested to ensure they can withstand heavy-duty usage.

It has heavy-duty metal latches on the side to secure the two storage compartments together. Moreover, the front section of the work centre is made using metal for exceptional durability.

Telescopic Handle

For improved manoeuvrability, this mobile tool station has a telescopic handle that makes moving the entire storage work centre an easier task.


  • Ample capacity
  • The telescopic wheels make moving the tool box around much more comfortable
  • Effective at helping you organise your tools


  • It can be unsteady when both the top and bottom compartment have heavy loads

2. Stanley 1-79-206 Rolling Workshop

Stanley 1-79-206 Rolling Workshop

This Stanley 1-79-206 Rolling Workshop is ideal for those looking for a versatile, large capacity tool storage unit that is easy to move around. With three separate modules, each offering different storage facilities and features, this product provides a multipurpose all-in-one solution for many DIY hobbyists and professional contractors alike.

The top section even has an integrated padlock eye to provide compatibility with a standard small padlock (not supplied) for those seeking added security. The portable tool cabinet measures 86.6 x 48.8 x 34.8 cm and is constructed from plastic.


Detachable 19-Inch Tool box

This rolling workshop features a 19-inch detectable tool box with a handle to provide extra portability on site. What’s more, the detachable tool box has a drawer for storing smaller tools and a one-touch latch design to allow one-handed opening.

Easy On-Site Manoeuvrability

The product has two large heavy-duty wheels and an aluminium telescopic handle to allow for easy manoeuvrability on-site. Even when the unit is fully loaded, buyers should not have any difficulty moving this multi-functional tool box around providing the ground is level.

Efficient Tool Organisation

In addition to the detachable tool box, this rolling workshop has a 2-drawer (1 shallow and 1 deep) midsection unit and each drawer comes with removable dividers. Furthermore, the bottom section features a deep flip bin compartment with a back pocket for holding long tools such as spirit levels.


  • Detachable top tool box with one-hand opening mechanism and v-groove on lid for cutting pipes and timber
  • Versatile storage compartments for holding tools of varying sizes
  • Heavy-duty wheels and a telescopic back handle for easy manoeuvrability
  • All drawers have ball-bearing slides for smooth opening/closing operation
  • No assembly is necessary


  • Telescopic handle can break easily if used for lifting rather than pulling when extended

3. Stanley 170316 19-inch 1-Touch Tool box with Drawer

Stanley 170316 19-inch 1-Touch Toolbox with Drawer

The heavy-duty design of the Stanley 170316 19-inch 1-Touch Tool box makes this product an ideal choice for those looking for a more reboot portable tool storage option.

What’s more, the tool box is fitted with a one-touch latch to allow easy opening with one hand and the top tote tray is completely removable. There is space underneath the tote tray for storing larger tools, such as hacksaw blades, 8″ screwdrivers, pliers, drill bits, hammers, etc. The bottom drawer offers a versatile space for organising small tools and parts and has ball bearing metal slides to ensure smooth opening and closing. Measuring 48 x 28 x 29cm, the tool box weighs 3 Kg when empty.


Extra Wide Soft Grip Handle

To facility easy comfortable lifting of heavy contents, the tool box is fitted with an extra-wide soft-grip handle. In addition, there are two recessed side handles for pulling the box out of storage or carrying it with two hands.

V-Groove In Lid

Unlike other tool boxes, the Stanley 170316 has a V-groove in the lid. The groove is designed for holding pipework or timber in place for safe cutting on-site.

Integrated Padlock Eye

The two pre-drilled protruding plastic lugs can hold any standard padlock. This means tools and contents can be kept secure.

Removable Top Tote Tray

Not only does the removable top tote tray allow for easy access to large tools in the main compartment, but it can also be used on-site as an ultra-portable open mini tool tray thanks to the integrated handle.


  • Handy drawer with removable dividers for organising small parts, screws, drill bits, etc
  • Can be easily opened with one hand via the one-touch latch design
  • Strong, soft-grip top handle as well as recessed handles on the sides
  • Heavy-duty design for extra durability


  • Dividers in the largest compartment are not removable
  • Not fireproof or watertight

4. Stanley 197514 24-inch Tote With Organiser

Stanley 197514 24-inch Tote With Organiser

An excellent tool box is hard to come in this era of counterfeits and low-quality imitations. That said, you can rely on the Stanley 24-inch Tote With Organiser to not only store and transport your tools, but to also organise them for smoother user experience.

Drawing from the company’s over 170 years of experience, Stanley designed and manufactured the 197514 model to be robust, durable, and practice from every aspect.


Large Robust Cary Handle

The large sturdy carry handle is a noteworthy feature owing to the fact it robust handle that makes carrying a heavy load possible and comfortable. You can, therefore, store all of your screws and nuts supplies and carry the tool box without worrying that the carry handle with snap in two.

Weatherproof Construction

Although the tool box is made of plastic, the material is not only hardy but also weatherproof. As such, you can expose the tool box to weather conditions such as rain with no real adverse effects to the items held in the tool box.

Combined Tote Organiser

It comes with a tote organiser that makes it easier for users to organise their tools and or supplies such as various screw sizes. As such, the tool box lends itself to an exceptional organisation.

Clear Lockable Lid

This model of Stanley tool box comes with a clear lockable lid. While the transparent cover is aesthetically pleasing, it is also functional without compromising the sturdiness of the top. Since the lid is clear, it is much easier to identify the tools even without opening the tool box. This can save you time while you are looking for tools and supplies. Additionally, you do not have to open the tool box when operating outdoors and in bad weather such as rainy conditions to search for tools.


  • Robust construction on all fronts from the outer case, the inner compartments, and the handle
  • The organiser aids in the organisation of tool and supplies such as screws
  • Durable


  • The shallow depth of the compartments makes storing certain items difficult

5. Laser 3487 Tool Box

Laser 3487 Tool Box

In the years past, before plastic tool box became the most popular type of tool boxes on the market, metallic tool boxes were the standard tool boxes. Not only were they durable, but they also accorded users with stellar user experience. If you want to get back to the basics of tool boxes and purchase a robust metal tool box that will probably outlive you, consider buying a Laser 3487 Tool Box.

With an all-metal frame and body, the Laser 3487 Tool Box will serve you faithfully for years. Importantly, it will keep your tools and accessories safe. And with the classic design, you can rest assured the tool box will look good for years.


7 Cantilever Trays

As a storage solution for your tools and accessories, the Laser 3487 Tool Box is optimised to offer stellar organisation. To this end, it comes with 7 cantilever trays that allow users to store a wide variety of tools and spare parts safely. Additionally, the cantilever feature makes it easy for users to reach different compartments fast and easy.

Padlock Hole

This tool box comes with a padlock hole in the lid for added security. After closing the box, you can lock the lid to keep your tools, spares, and accessories safe.

All-Metal Body

The Laser 3487 Tool Box is made entirely from heavy-duty metal. The handles, the side panels, the frame, and every other component in the box is manufactured using metallic components. Granted, this adds weight to the tool box. However, you get a long-lasting tool box that will outlast many other tool boxes on the market.

While the tool box is marketed for automotive technicians, owing to the quality build, this tool box can suit a wide variety of people for many different purposes.


  • Exceptional build quality; they are, therefore, durability
  • Stellar compartmentalisation
  • With two large and sturdy handles, the tool box is easy to carry
  • The heavy-duty metallic body can withstand rigours of daily use


  • Heavy even when empty
  • Limited space

6. Faithfull TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box

Faithfull TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box

The Faithfull TBC517 Metal Cantilever Tool Box is robustly constructed from high-grade coated steel and is ideal for hobby mechanics. The 5-tray configuration allows for easy organisation of a selection of tools and a padlock (not included) can be easily fitted to the lid to provide extra security.

The smooth cantilever opening/closing mechanism is an innovate design so that all of the contents are visible when the mechanism is fully open, while the tool box itself is very compact when the mechanism is in the closed position. Measuring 20 x 20.6 x 44 cm, the tool box is good for storing bike maintenance tools. It weights 3.2 kg when empty and has a classic glossy red appearance.


Metal Construction

The robust steel construction of this tool box means it is much more durable than similar designs made from plastic. The box is coated in shiny red paint to give it classic look and prevent it from rusting.

Cantilever Mechanism

The cantilever opening and closing mechanism provides this tool box with three advantages. First, it is a very compact size when closed. Second, when fully open, all of the items inside the box can be easily seen. Third, there is no risk of accidental clasp-failure resulting in the contents spilling all over the floor.

5 Tray Configuration

The 5 trays provide useful sized sections for organising different tools. The bottom tray is the largest, providing space for standard sized hammers, rubber mallets, etc. The four smaller sections can hold spanners, bolts, measuring tape, Allen keys, pencils, pliers, spirit levels, etc.


  • Sturdy metal construction with tubular steel carry handle
  • Classic design with a glossy bright red paint job
  • Smooth cantilever opening and closing mechanism
  • No sharp points or edges


  • Paint comes off when washed with certain cleaning solutions
  • Doesn’t come with any small dividers for trays

7. Dirty Pro Tools™ X Large Tool Chest

Dirty Pro Tools™ X Large Tool Chest

This 14-drawer Dirty Pro Tools™ X Large Tool Chest is perfect for those looking for a secure storage option for lots of items. It is fitted on top of heavy-duty castors with a locking wheel, making it easy to move around a workshop. The strong coated steel frame has anti-rust properties and is available in four glossy paint finish colour options: black, blue, red/black and yellow.

The tool chest measures 616 x 330 x 1146 mm and weighs 50 kg. While the cabinet comes ready-built, buyers do need to fit wheels and handles. The newest model come with a side tray for holding screwdrivers and other tools.


US Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

All 14 of the drawers are fitted onto US ball bearing slides to ensure smooth opening and closing mechanisms. There is no chance of the drawers sticking even when fully loaded with tools.

Antislip Drawer Liners

Each drawer has an antislip mat lining to ensure that the contents do not become unorganised during movement. There are also dividers/partitions inside the drawers to allow for better organisation of contents.

Lockable Compartments

The entire roll cab is lockable to keep expensive contents safe and secure. The top and bottom sections have separate locking mechanisms with keys.

Heavy Duty Castors

The cabinet is fitted with four heavy-duty castors and one locking wheel. This means the unit can be moved around and secured in place. The castors are fully removable, which means the tool chest could be installed on a worktop or counter.


  • The whole cabinet is lockable
  • There are antislip mats inside each drawer
  • Ball-bearing drawer slides for smooth operation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a stylish glossy paint finish with four colour options


  • Drawers not deep enough for some items

8. VonHaus Roller Tool Box with Stackable Boxes

VonHaus Roller Tool Box with Stackable Boxes

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you need a tool box to keep all of your tools and supplies in one place where you can always find them. Moreover, you need a tool box that helps you sort and organise everything in an efficient and easy to use manner.

If you are looking for a tool box with these qualities, the VonHaus Roller Tool Box with Stackable Boxes is the perfect tool box for you. Not only does it have ample space, but it has also been designed with proper organisation of accessories and tools in mind.


Rubber Wheels

The VonHaus Roller Tool Box with Stackable Boxes comes with rubbers wheels that allow users to move the tools around with exceptional ease. The rubber wheels are also robust and durable, giving users years of services.

2-In-1 Storage

This tool box comes with two stackable storage boxes that give you enough room to store all of your tools and supplies. The lower compartment is the larger compartment, which is designed to store large bulky and heavy tools. Additionally, the smaller top storage has six dividers that allow users to store and organise accessories and supplies such as washers, screws, nut, and much more.

Removable Shelf

The VonHaus Roller Tool Box with Stackable Boxes has a removable shelf that allows users to store the most frequently used tools for easier access. As such, users do not have to sift through all of their tools to access their most commonly used tools.


The storage boxes have dual locks located on the side for the bigger bottom storage box and the front for the top smaller box. This allows you to secure your tools and accessories for long-term storage.


  • Perfect for DIYers
  • Exceptional organisation and sorting of tools such as hammers and drills and suppliers such as screws
  • Extremely portable


  • Would not last long when used by a tradesperson
  • The clips could be more robust

9. DEWALT DWST1-71195 TSTAK Deep Tool Box

DEWALT DWST1-71195 TSTAK Deep Tool Box

There are certain products that boast features that make the user’s life easier – and for those who are looking to store power tools for use in the workshop, on a construction site – or even for home DIY use the DEWALT DWST1-71195 TSTAK Deep Tool Box ticks all the right boxes.

This tool box from Dewalt boasts sturdy hinges, is constructed from materials that can stand the daily knocks of even the most demanding of uses. Each individual tool box can carry up to 30 kilos with ease – and, best of all it features the T-STAK module design. This allows the user the option of linking multiple units – making it ideal for use when a large number of power tools and accessories need to be close at hand.


Modular Design

Modular connectivity means that multiple tool boxes can be connected. This allows the Dewalt tool box utility to grow with the users needs.

Quick and Easy Access to Tools and Accessories

A removable tray allows for easy access to both the tools and those finicky small accessories that are essential for the completion of any job.

Tough and Easy To Transport

The handle and ergonomic design allows the tool box to be easily handled and it is tough enough to handle loads of up to 30 kilograms with ease.

For those who want a tool box solution that will grow with their needs, this Dewalt product is ideal. Tough and durable and available at a great price. Ample storage capacity – all in all, an excellent buy for those who want toughness and space from a trusted manufacturer.


  • Allows for attachments of further units – making the design perfect for jobs of any size and complexity
  • Generous 23-litre capacity
  • Removable tray for easy access to tools and accessories
  • Attractive yellow/black finish
  • Durable and versatile
  • Good value for money


  • Lid only opens 90 degrees
  • Small tote tray

10. VonHaus Large Tool Chest

VonHaus Large Tool Chest

Having trouble finding your hand tools? Do you always end up misplacing them? Then, you need to buy the VonHaus Large Tool Chest. You will no longer have to worry about where you placed your tools. This is the ultimate portable tool station to meet all your storage needs. You can comfortably house all your hand tools in this unit. This portable unit has an ultra-modern finish.


Impressive Weight Capacity

The durable steel used to make this unit guarantees that it holds up to 70 kg. It can store all your workshop tools with ease. The anti-slip mats in every drawer ensure your tools do not roll away. They also ensure that the unit is protected from scratches.

Security Lock

This unit’s tool box is secured with a locking bar. You do not have to worry about the safety of your tools when you aren’t around. You get 2 keys to lock the drawers.

Large Storage Unit

Plenty of storage is offered by the multiple compartments that come with this unit. You can store many hand tools inside its open-top section and 6 drawers. The wheel-mounted unit is composed of a large compartment, 2 drawers and side hooks.


You can easily transport this unit. It is mounted on castor wheels. Even more, it comes with the braking function. Its side handle makes it easy for you to pull and push the tool box around. This makes life easier if you work in a large workshop or if you are handling large projects.


  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Gliding drawers that use ball bearings to prevent sticking
  • The swivel castor wheels that this unit is mounted on guarantee seamless movement
  • This unit has a clever design with a stylish hammered finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from durable steel


  • No locks for bottom compartments

Tool Box Buying Guide

You need a tool box that will cover all the purposes of the industry and tasks you are involved with. Whether you enjoy DIY projects or have a professional career, with this simple tool box buying guide you can discover the ideal tool box for your particular requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • A tool box serves to store, organize, and transport tools, making them easily accessible and safe.
  • There are three main types of tool boxes: portable, stationary, and rolling, each designed for different storage needs and purposes.
  • When choosing a tool box, consider factors such as dimensions, load capacity, portability, lockability, latches and hinges, water resistance, and reputable brands, prioritising durability and organisation for efficient tool management.

What is a Tool Box?

Red Tool BoxA tool box is a strong storage unit used to protect, organise, and transport tools. Tool boxes can be used for DIY projects, a hobby, or trade and its contents will vary according to the task requirements. A suitable tool box allows you to:

  • Store all your tools in one place ready for use
  • Organise tools in a way that makes it easy and convenient to find and use them
  • Optimise your storage space and keep your garage or workshop neat and tidy
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Keep dangerous tools safely out of harm’s way

What Are the Different Types of Tool Boxes?

Initially, wood was the first choice for building tool boxes and to this day the classic wooden tool box with a handle can be seen in many family homes to hold common household tools like hammers, paintbrushes, and saws for simple home repairs. Due to mass production capabilities and economic feasibility, today modern tool boxes are predominantly manufactured from metal or plastic. There are three main types of tool boxes to suit different requirements.

Portable Tool Boxes

Portable Tool boxes include hand carry boxes with a simple handle and cantilevered boxes. The unique design of cantilever tool boxes features 2 to 4 shelves that fold over a bottom tray for additional space. Shallow, individual shelves provide more organisational options that prevent tools from being piled on top of each other. The ergonomic design allows even heavy loads to be lifted and carried easily. Cantilever tool boxes come in sturdy plastic or steel bodies for extra strength.

Stationary Tool Boxes

Stationary Tool Boxes are larger for storing a huge collection of tools in a workshop or garage. They have large open areas for storage of bulkier items and are designed for workshop use where tools usually stay in one place.

Rolling Tool Boxes

Rolling Tool Boxes with sturdy castors can be pulled along with extendable handles that make it easier to move your tool box around.

What Materials Are Tool Boxes Made From?


A plastic tool box is an inexpensive but effective way to store tools used for day-to-day work. They are ideal for use at home, in the garage, a workshop, or for small projects on a job site. Look for ones with additional organisational space that allows you to lay your tools out in an organised way with quick access to things like screws, pins, and nails. Look for handy things like:

  • Drawers
  • Removable trays with compartments
  • Cantilever systems with bins and trays that fold outward when opened


Aluminum boxes are lightweight, strong, and durable. They are highly sought after by workers in aviation, chemical, and transportation sectors where lightweight and durability are key factors for storage units.


Steel tool boxes are extra heavy-duty designed with exceptional strength, durability and wear resistance. They are ideal for industrial and professional use where tool equipment protection and safety are important factors.


Waterproofed tool boxes have an all-round seal to ensure safe and dry storage of tools. They are in high demand for carrying sensitive testing equipment, lances, and forensic equipment. These large boxes provide extra-large storage capacity and contain structural foam for superior strength. The soft, tough, ergonomic grip handle allows even heavy loads to be carried with ease and the rust-proof metal latches provide safe and secure closing for storage.

Colour and Coating

While colour is not an important consideration for domestic or general use, specific codes and colour coatings are necessary for tool boxes used for industrial purposes to comply with safety and regulation standards.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Tool Box

Before buying a tool box it is important to determine your storage needs. A professional carpenter, for example, will need a different type of tool box than the average homeowner who only needs to store a few basic tools for home repairs or a mechanic who uses tools that are quite different in size and weight. Someone who owns a car repair shop or restores vintage cars as a hobby will require much more extensive storage space to store a large collection of specialist tools.

Tool Box on Wheels


It is important to choose the correct size tool box with sufficient capacity for the tools you need to store. It is worth measuring the largest tools you have to ensure they will easily fit into the tool box you are considering buying. If you have a large collection of tools you may need a large storage chest to keep your tools organised, safe and dry. You may want to consider buying a smaller box as well to load with tools for a specific job, alleviating the need to carry your entire workshop with you.

Load Capacity

The type of tools you choose to store will determine the weight that a tool box can hold. The loading capacity of a tool box is determined by its design and the type of material it is made of. Each tool box displays its threshold storage limit to avoid overloading and prevent accidents while moving or carrying the box. Small tool boxes can have a storage capacity as low as 5kg while heavy-duty boxes are capable of sustaining weights of up to 50kg.


Depending on the type of tools, a tool box can become quite heavy and the weight and type of material must be considered if it needs to be portable. If the tool box needs to be carried around it should not be too heavy to lift.

  • Plastic is lighter than metal and the number of tools in the box will have to be ergonomically organised without causing extra hurdles in moving or safe closing.
  • Heavy-duty tool boxes constructed from quality metal with a rust and corrosion-resistant finish are required if you travel often or have large heavy tools to store. They often have wheels attached for mobility purposes. Beware of choosing a lightweight tool box that will not be capable of supporting the weight of your tools.
  • Injection moulded plastic boxes specifically designed for tools are very strong and much lighter than metal ones.
  • Handles that are strong and comfortable making it easy to move a tool box from place to place. Some modern tool boxes come with telescopic handles and heavy-duty castors that make moving them a breeze.


A lockable lid is essential if you work on-site or travel with your tool box in an open vehicle. It is an essential safety measure to protect your tools from being stolen on-site or while you are on a coffee break and also to prevent children from having access to dangerous tools.

Latches and Hinges

Tools in Tool BoxGood quality latches and hinges will ensure that your tool box is easy to close and remains tightly sealed. This is of particular importance if you travel with your tool box as inferior latches and hinges can easily become dislodged due to knocks and bumps, spilling tools everywhere. Even the best lock is ineffective if the latches and hinges are weak and can break easily.


A weatherproof tool box will keep your tools dry and safe, especially expensive tools and power tools. It is important to check that there are no gaps and that once closed, it seals tight to protect tools from rust, corrosion, and damp. Plastic boxes are weatherproof providing there are no gaps and most metal boxes come with a powder coating that protects them from moisture and corrosion.


No matter what type of tools you need to store, there are a number of international brands that are trusted in the industry, including Stanley, DEWALT, VonHaus, Einhell and Makita. You can compare the design, price, and aesthetics of different brands before deciding which one will be best for you.

Our Expertise in Heating Engineer Tools

At Heat Pump Source, we understand the importance of having the right toolboxes for your various needs. Our expert team has conducted extensive hands-on testing and research to help you find the best toolboxes that suit your requirements. We aim to provide you with transparent, evidence-based insights that stem from our industry expertise and years of experience.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

  • Industry Expertise: Our reviews are grounded in the deep industry knowledge of providing top-quality tool storage solutions. We leverage this expertise to evaluate toolboxes, not just on their features, but on effectively meeting your storage and organization needs.
  • Hands-On Testing: We don’t just rely on specifications; we put each toolbox through rigorous hands-on testing. This allows us to assess each toolbox’s performance, from durability to ease of use, ensuring you understand how each toolbox holds up in real-world conditions.
  • Transparency: Our reviews are conducted with a transparent and unbiased methodology. We honestly evaluate the features and functionality of each recommendation. Our goal is to offer you all the essential information without any external influence so that you can choose the best tool storage solution for your needs.
  • Experience: Our reviews are more than just comparisons; they’re narratives of experience. We explain how each toolbox has evolved from previous models, the design choices made by manufacturers, and how these factors affect your daily use.

Our reviews are crafted to guide you through selecting the best tool boxes for 2024. We provide you with all the necessary information, comparisons, and expert opinions to make an informed decision. With our commitment to quality and your unique needs, we’re here to ensure you have the right storage solutions to keep your tools organised and accessible.


Your number one priority when buying a tool box is durability. A good quality tool box should last a long time. Warranties are also important as they are an indication that the company supplying the product is confident of its quality and durability.

The main feature of a good tool box is its ability to contain all your tools in an organised way for easy access. Drawers that slide in and out easily and slip mats to prevent tools from getting jumbled up are additional extras that can make your life much easier. A lockable lid and heavy-duty castors strong enough to support the weight of the tools are useful to move the box around smoothly. Having all your tools in one place makes using them much easier.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best tool boxes. There are so many things to consider when looking for a tool box. With our guide, hopefully you will have an easier time finding the perfect tool box for your needs!

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