Summer can be hard on many of us. During hot days, working can prove to be very difficult, but relief is possible with a very convenient USB fan for keeping you cool.

Read on for our expert reviews of the best USB fans available. Check the latest prices to ensure you get a great deal!

Our Picks of the 7 Best USB Fans




Fancii Small Personal USB Fan

The Fancii Small Personal USB Fan features twin-turbo cyclone-blade technology, 180-degree tilt rotation and is 25% quieter and 40% more powerful than similar models. Read more

iKross USB Mini Desktop Office Fan with 360 Rotation

The iKross USB Mini Desktop Office Fan with 360 Rotation features an ultra-quiet design, strong wind and low power consumption. Read more

EasyAcc USB Desk Fan 5 Inch Desktop Silent Fan

The EasyAcc USB Desk Fan 5 Inch Desktop Silent Fan features two speeds, 360-degree rotation, super quiet brushless motor and improved anti-slip silicone pads. Read more

ARCTIC Breeze 800 – 1800 RPM USB Desktop Fan

The ARCTIC Breeze 800 - 1800 RPM USB Desktop Fan features a flexible gooseneck that bends to any direction and the metal base with additional rubber pads stops slipping and scratching. Read more

Keynice Mini USB Clip and Desk Personal Fan

The Keynice Mini USB Clip and Desk Personal Fan offers a unique base design, 360-degree adjustment and quiet operation. Read more

TedGem USB Desk Fan

The upgraded TedGem USB Desk Fan features five blades, a powerful breeze and three-speed settings. Read more

EasyAcc Small Personal USB Fan

The EasyAcc Small Personal USB Fan features double blades, double brushless motors and intelligent touch control. Read more

Best USB Fans

1. Fancii Small Personal USB Fan

The Fancii Small Personal USB Fan is a lightweight desktop fan. It doesn’t take up much room, and it’s perfect to use in a room that lacks cool air or doesn’t have air conditioning. That said, here’s the main features, pros and cons.


Twin Turbo

It is equipped with a twin turbo blade. It is capable of providing max airflow. In turn, users will cool off quickly.

Quiet Operation

The Fancii small personal USB fan operates quietly. In fact, it’s around 25% more quiet than similar models. More importantly, it is a lot more powerful, regardless of its quietness.


It is very light and compact, making it easy to bring with someone while they are on the go. This makes the fan idea for the office or to use around the home. It can even be used for camping trips or for when a person is travelling.

The Fancii small personal USB fan is a good buy. It’s perfect for those who spend a lot of time at their desk. It’s small, powerful and lightweight, as well as affordable.


  • Two speed settings, which means users can have it on low or high
  • The design. It’s compact, light and will look great anywhere.
  • It is powerful. A lot of people will be surprised at how good of a job the fan does at cooling off a small area.
  • Tilt rotation capabilities. Users can tilt it upwards or keep it straight. This allows them flexibility in where they want the air to flow.


  • Users have to tap it twice if they are using the fan on the slow speed setting, and if they want to turn it off

2. iKross USB Mini Desktop Office Fan with 360 Rotation

If you are need of a portable cooling fan to use while studying, working, or your bedroom desk, the iKross USB Mini Desktop Office Fan with 360 Rotation is the right choice. Optimised to be exceptionally quiet, you can keep cool without compromising yours silenced. Moreover, you can move the fan around as needed owing to its lightweight build.


Vertical Adjustment Capability

You can adjust the airflow from the fan vertically as you can tilt the fan on its vertical axis. The 360-degrees pitch angle adjustment capability provides you will better control over your personal cooling. You can target the airflow vertical or downwards as need be.

Robust Build

The iKross USB Mini Desktop Office Fan with 360 Rotation is made using hard but lightweight plastic. As such, the fan combines the best of both worlds. For instance, the fan body is hardy to withstand the rigours of daily use. However, the plastic frame is lightweight enough to classify the fan as a portable fan.

Super Quiet

Given that this is a personal desktop fan, it must run as quiet as possible, and it does. Not only is the fan effective and producing high airflow rates, but the fan blades and motor are also optimised for silent running. The four blades produce significantly low levels of the typical blade noise. To further reduce the noise emitted by the fan, the plastic body is designed to absorb much of the vibration produced by the motor and blades.

Energy Efficient

iKross designed and manufactured this fan to be energy efficient. You can power the fan using with your laptop, a power bank, or any other USB outlet.

Strong Airflow

The fan produces ample airflow. iKross uses its upgraded copper wire motor and 4 wide-body plastic blades to deliver high airflow – as much as 3.0m/s. This is enough airflow to keep you cool as you work at your desk.


  • Lightweight build (weighs 159g)
  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Runs silently
  • Cost-effective solution to keeping cool


  • The range of the airflow is limited

3. EasyAcc USB Desk Fan 5 Inch Desktop Silent Fan

This 2-speed EasyAcc USB 5 Inch Silent Desk Fan is designed to keep you (or your computer) cool in your home or office. It can be powered via a USB port on your laptop or any device with a USB port, such as a power bank. And, thanks to the super quiet brushless motor and anti-vibration silicon pads, the fan provides virtually silent cooling. The strong tight-meshed metal frame gives the fan a modern look and it is available in two colour options: black or metal brone.


360-Degree Rotation

With 360 degrees rotation, you can enjoy steadier air circulation and multi-directional cooling. Furthermore, the multi-directional swirl adjustment design makes angling the airflow is simple.

Dual Speed Setting

The 2-speed settings allow you to control the level of cooling. Speed 1 is 1600 RMP and Speed 2 is 2000 RPM. The second setting provides a power cool breeze to reduce sweltering in the office.

Super Quiet Brushless Motor

The EasyAcc USB desk fan features a brushless motor that is engineered to provide strong wind whilst reducing energy consumption. Noise levels during operation will not exceed 20 decibels.

Anti-Slip Silicone Pads

The bottom of the fan is fitted with improved silicon pads, which reduce noise vibrations during operation and ensure the device stays in place.

USB Powered

A 1.2m USB power cable means this 5-inch desktop fan from EasyAcc is compatible with mean devices, including laptops, computers, USB power banks and more.

Compact Design

The 5inch size means the blades a big enough to provide powerful cool airflow, yet small enough to fit on a desk.


  • Whisper-quiet operation – even when on the top speed setting
  • Widely compatible USB power cable
  • Compact, lightweight and sturdy
  • The 360-degree multi-directional cooling feature provides more even air circulation


  • Not as durable as similar devices

4. ARCTIC Breeze 800 – 1800 RPM USB Desktop Fan

Desktop fans come in handy when trying to keep cool in your office, at home, when studying, and in many other situations. Unfortunately, the vast majority of desktop fans use a combination of noisy motors and fan blades. The ARCTIC Breeze 800 – 1800 RPM USB Desktop Fan, on the other hand, is designed to operate as silently as possible. You can is the ARCTIC Breeze 800 in any shared space without disturbing other people around you.


Flexible Goose Neck

The ARCTIC Breeze 800 has a flexible goose neck connecting the base and the fan structure. This feature allows you to bend the fan in almost any way you might want. Crucially, you can target the airflow stream precisely, thereby keeping specific parts of your body cool.

Rubberised Base

The base of this fan is made of steel, making the fan stable. As long as you have a flat surface to place the fan, you can rest assured fan will not topple. Additionally, the bottom of the steel base has a rubber pad. The pad protects the surface you place the fan on. The fan will not scratch your desktop surface, even when you have a sensitive surface.

USB Powered

You can power this fan using any power source that supplies 5V. Using the 1.8m long USB cable, you can connect the fan to your laptop, power bank, or any other 5V power source.

Infinite Fan Speed Control

The ARCTIC Breeze 800 comes with a control knob located at the bottom for fan speed control. The knob allows you to control the speed of the fan precisely.


  • Energy-efficient and does not affect laptop battery life
  • Runs extremely quiet
  • Straightforward plug and play user experience
  • Portable
  • Flexible goose neck bends to any direction
  • Ample fan speed adjustments


  • The range of the air stream is quite limited

5. Keynice Mini USB Clip and Desk Personal Fan

The Keynice Mini USB Clip And Desk Personal Fan is the ideal solution to cool down at work, at home, or anywhere else you want. You only need to clip it to your floor lamp, to your desk or to your bed frame and to plug it to your computer or to an AC port to enjoy cooling in any situation.


Clip And Desk 2-in-1 Fan With Unique Base Design

The fan is designed for personal space use. The unique base design make this mini fan very easy to clip or to place on a desk or table.

360 Degree Adjustable Fan Head

The adjustable head allows you to tilt and rotate the fan to focus its cooling power where you need it the most.

Compact Design

Stylish and lightweight, the compact design of the Keynice Mini personal fan allows you to save space.

Silent Brushless Motor

Thanks to the silent brushless motor, you can use this mini fan while working, reading or sleeping, without the noise bothering you or preventing you from focusing on your work.

High Quality Materials

This fan is made with high-quality ABS materials that are not only strong and durable, but also environmentally-friendly. Also, brushless motors have a longer useful life than other types of motors, thanks to their lower levels of wear and tear.


  • Sleek and compact 2 in 1 clip and desk design, with 4 inch blades and 6 inch frame
  • It can run on the mains via a prone charger plug
  • Convenient, 360 degree adjustable fan head
  • Excellent durability and good stability, thanks to the high-quality materials
  • Very low level of noise, thanks to the silent brushless motor


  • This fan has a specific cable, so it might be difficult to replace if you lose or damage it

6. TedGem USB Desk Fan

The TedGem USB Desk Fan has been designed with portability and outdoor use in mind. The five-bladed cooling fan is powered via a 5V USB power outlet, which allows you to power the device via a myriad of commonly found power options. Importantly, the fan is effective at cooling you during the hot days, even when you are outdoors.


360 Degrees Free Adjustment

This USB fan comes with the ability to tilt the blades from top to bottom. This effectively means that users have free reign on the angle of airflow. You can point the stream of cool air just about anywhere you want.

3 Adjustable Speed

This portable fan comes with 3-speed modes to suit your particular needs. The speed modes include low (Comfortable Speed), medium (Nature Speed), and high (Cool Strong speed). As such, you can adjust the fan speed three ways, depending on your particular cooling needs.

High-Quality Build

The TedGem USB Desk Fan comes with five blades and a brushless motor. The motors, the blades, and the frame have been designed to work effectively and efficiently, and last long.

Compact Build

This USB fan is portable. It measures 125 X 125 X 50 mm and weighs 180g. As such, you can easily carry the fan wherever you want in your backpack or handbag.

USB Outlet

The fan comes with a 1.2m USB cable that is compatible with 5V output. As such, you can power the fan with a power bank, portable charger, a laptop or any other 5V outlet.


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight (weighs 180g)
  • Quality build
  • Easy to use – just plug and play
  • Three user modes make the fan easy to use in a wide variety of situations or applications
  • Rubberised base reduces vibration transmission while adding traction to the base


  • Its small base makes the fan relatively unstable

7. EasyAcc Small Personal USB Fan

Summers can be pretty unbearable particularly if you do not have adequate air coolers or air conditioners in your house. However, by parting with a few pounds and getting the EasyAcc small personal USB fan, you no longer have to worry about these issues.

You can work, sleep or do anything in your house without sweating as this mini circulator fan can fit on your desk or in any corner of your room without a hitch. With 3 blades in front and 5 in the rear, this fan has adequate power to maintain ideal airflow within a room. Also, it does not make too much noise, making it ideal for when you want to sleep comfortably.


High-Quality Build

The EasyAcc is made of top of the line material that allows for a steady stand of the fan, thus reducing the rate of accidents.

Double Blades and Double Brushless Motors

The EasyAcc mini features 7 blades, 3 in the front and 5 in the rear, which run in opposite directions. They are powered by different motors, thus producing a powerful breeze at relatively low noise.

Adjustable Speeds

The EasyAcc comes with two speed levels, a high level that allows you to stay comfortable during the scorching heat and a low level that runs with less noise, ideal for sleep or work.

Multiangle Adjustability

This small USB fan has an aluminum base that can be used as a handle and can be adjusted up to 130 degrees. This enables you to place the fan almost anywhere in your room and even outdoors as you go about your day.


  • The two-speed levels allow for airflow adjustment depending on your situation
  • It features 7 strong fan blades that work at a relatively quiet level


  • The touch-sensitive region is on the upper side making it easy to turn on and off accidentally

USB Fan Buying Guide

USB Desk FanSummer can be hard on many of us. During hot days, working can prove to be very difficult if not impossible. Even those who claim that they are able to work under such conditions may experience a much lower productivity. Unfortunately, not everyone can use an AC system. Under these circumstances, a USB desk fan can be the perfect solution to cool and keep working.

There are many benefits to using USB fans. Compact and lightweight, these devices can supply enough cooling power to help you get through the hottest hours of the day. They are ideal for personal use, thus being suitable for people who share their work space with persons that can’t stand air conditioning. One of the best things about USB fans is that you can easily move them from place to place whenever needed. You can take your fan with you to work, and then bring it back home to cool yourself while relaxing.

These fans are very silent, being therefore a great choice for anyone needing to avoid disruptions and focus on their work. During extremely hot nights, they can make a great alternative to traditional fans that are too powerful and too noisy to use while sleeping.

What Is a USB Fan?

A USB fan is a small cooling device you can plug into the USB port of your computer. Most of them also work with external power banks. These mini fans are one of the best solutions to cool yourself during very hot days. There are two types of USB fans: clip on and desk. Some desk fans may also feature a clip on feature.

While USB fans are designed to take their power from the USB port of a computer, they can also work independently when plugged into the mains with the help of a USB phone charger. This makes them suitable for a wide range of spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

How Does a USB Fan Work?

USB CableUSB fans use motors to provide cool air. As a matter of fact, they don’t include any cooling system. The only thing they do is to generate an air flow by rotating their blades. As these fans use brushless motors, they are very quiet. Furthermore, this type of motor tend to have a very lot useful life, as it is less subject to the wear and tear than other types of motors.

Features to Look for in a USB Fan

Shopping around for a USB fan isn’t rocket science. However, you must pay attention to some factors that might influence your purchasing decision. Here are a few of the most important features you ought to take into account when choosing your USB fan:

Dimensions and Weight

The smaller you fan, the less space it will take on your desk or table. However, very small ones are usually less effective than larger ones. You should do your best to find the ideal compromise between size and efficiency. The weight is also important, particularly when it comes to fans with clip on feature. Such USB fans shouldn’t collapse under their own weight when you clip them on vertical shelves or floor lamp legs.


As you’ll be seeing this little fan for many hours a day, you should pay attention to its design. Furthermore, if you are keen on surrounding yourself with beautiful things, you’ll want a sleek and stylish USB fan for your home office or bedroom.


This is the feature that influences the air flow of the fan. While higher power is usually better, you may also choose a lower power fan, if you don’t really need a strong air flow.

Tilt & Oscillation

There are USB fans that feature 360 degree adjustable tilting heads. They allow for a better precision of the air flow, enabling you to direct it straight toward you.

Clip On Option

Not all USB fans feature this option. However, if you want to be able to use it while laying in bed or while reading, you should probably consider choosing one you can clip onto a shelf or nightstand.

Sound Output

Always aim to buy a USB fan with a very low noise level. Since you’ll be using it in quite environments, it makes sense to avoid getting a noisy device you won’t be able to put up with for hours in a row.

Speed Settings

There are USB fans that feature multiple speed levels. This is a nice to have feature, as it allows you to set the right air flow to suit your preferences.


Not all USB fans come with the same warranty length. If you want to be on the safe side, pick one with a long warranty.

This buying guide should hopefully help you make the right choice of USB fan. Feel free to use it and remember to compare multiple options before making your purchase.