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SunSpring Swimming Pool Heat Pump Review

CHECK PRICE Regulating water temperature is an essential component of maintaining modern swimming pools. Without the right swimming pool heat pump, it becomes impossible to control temperature readings and this leads to insufficient water conditions. To ensure the appropriate measures are taken, it’s critical to invest in a top-tier swimming pool heat pump. Keeping this Read more »

Split System Heat Pumps Guide

With technological advancements in the HVAC community, a new addition has become commonplace. This addition is none other than the all-encompassing split system heat pump. These pumps are often seen in modern setups and there’s a purpose behind including them. Many property owners take advantage of split system heat pumps to optimise their temperature regulation Read more »

Microgeneration Guide

Energy costs are rising, and as a culture we are becoming more and more aware of the impact that our lifestyles have on the environment. It is vital that we find ways to reduce our carbon footprints, not just for our wallets, but for the planet. Microgeneration is something that many homeowners are turning to Read more »

HydroPro Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Review

CHECK PRICE There are few comforts in life that can match what a comfortably heated swimming pool brings to the table. Whether swimming to stay in shape, let the stress melt away from the day, or just floating around and relaxing, the warmth that comes from properly heated water adds an extra level of comfort Read more »

About Ground Array Installation

The ground array system is one of the most important aspects of ground source heat pump installation. It is crucial that the ground array system is sized and installed correctly. They are typically the most expensive element to install when installing ground source heat pumps. In the UK, the ground array system is either a Read more »

What are Heat Pump Micro Turbo Compressors?

The majority of today’s heat pumps are environmentally-friendly and work very well, but there is always room for improvement. For instance, by replacing conventional compression systems with micro turbo compressors, engineers can reduce the power requirements of a heat pump by 20-25%. Turbo compressors are 10 times smaller than piston devices and are far more Read more »

Heat Pumps for the Home Book Review

CHECK PRICE Understanding the merits of a heat pump is easier said than done. This is an integral part of modern-day properties and needs to be researched in detail before an investment is made. The right heat pump is able to offer tremendous value over the long-term and can make all the difference in the Read more »

Heat Pump Water Heater Guide

Heat pumps are used to move air into or out of a building. This means they are able to be used to heat an area or to cool it. They can be used to heat air or water. They’re different styles but a heat pump water heater is often more efficient in climates that are Read more »

Water Source Heat Pumps Guide

Water source heat pumps work very much like air source heat pumps. The only difference is it extracts the required heat from water instead of air. The traditional air source heat pumps extracts and dissipates heat from the air outside. In fact, even cold air contains a substantial amount of heat. These pumps use the Read more »

Ground Source Heat Pumps Guide

Ground source heat pumps use energy from the sun that is absorbed and stored in the ground to create energy. They convert and transport the heat in the ground to residences where it can be used for varying heating purposes. These pumps offer users an alternative source of renewable energy that is highly eco-friendly. They Read more »