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Best Oil Free Radiators

Deciding on a heater with the plethora of portable space heaters on the market can be a daunting process. That said, the oil-free radiator – the successor of the oil-filled radiator – is a great choice. Oil Free Radiators have been designed to be more efficient, simpler to run, and much safer. And unlike the Read more »

How to Replace a Radiator

If you want to remove your current radiator and replace it so you prevent damage to your central heating system, then you need to know how to do it. This step-by-step guide is going to teach you specifically this. When a radiator no longer works, it needs to be removed and replaced so you have Read more »

How To Balance Radiators

Are you searching for an effective way to keep your home warm in the most energy-efficient way possible? Of course you are, and an excellent way of achieving this objective is to ensure that you balance radiators throughout your house. Have you been wondering why some of you radiators are cold when others are hot? Read more »

How to Fix a Leaking Radiator

Coming home from being out and about should be a good thing. Whether or not you were working, handling personal matters, or visiting with family and friends, coming home should mean returning to a place of rest and rejuvenation. However, if you walk in the door and find out that your radiator is leaking water, Read more »

Best Radiator Paints

Giving your radiator a fresh coat of paint can give it a new lease of life. By painting your radiator to conform with the existing decor, you can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Choosing the ideal radiator paint can be a hassle given the many options available in the market. Read on Read more »

Best Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Traditional radiator valves control the flow of water through your pipes based on how they are set, allowing the radiator to heat up to a preset point, or stopping the flow of warm water into the radiator so that it will cool down. Thermostatic radiator valves offer more control over your heating, making them more Read more »

Best Bathroom Radiators

After a long day at work, there is no better way to relax and unwind that some quiet relaxing time in your bath as you enjoy a glass of wine or your beverage of choice. However, your plans for a relaxing time can be cut short by the chilly weather. You can quickly remedy this Read more »

Best Electric Heaters

Electric heating is ideal for modern living providing you with a wealth of benefits. Its flexibility and controllability make it an actual substitute to mains gas central and LPG/Oil heating. More often than not, it’s not only much faster to heat and safer to run but also cheaper. Read on for our expert reviews of Read more »

Best Bathroom Heaters

When you want to get ready in the morning during the colder months, you may need to turn on the central heating to get your bathroom warm and comfortable. A bathroom heater can quickly get your bathroom warm without having to turn on the central heating and wastefully heating the rest of your home. Your Read more »

Best Conservatory Heaters

During the summer months, keeping a conservatory warm is a non-issue because they can retain so much of the sun’s warmth. However, during the cooler times of the year, it is not uncommon for conservatories to remain empty for months at a time. If you are looking to cosy up and relax in your conservatory Read more »