Storage heaters were initially designed to help take the pressure off the electricity grid during daytime hours by consuming the surplus electricity supplied during the night. Way back in the 1960s electricity supply to the grid had been ramped up to power growing demand from UK factories, 24 hours a day, throughout the week.

The industrial downturn that followed left a surplus of power, supplied during the night that had to be repurposed; enter storage heaters. These appliances would consume excess power during the night, storing up heat energy that could be dissipated during other parts of the day.

While storage heaters of years past were known for their inefficient operation, today’s variants developed by Dimplex are the opposite.

About Dimplex

GDHV (Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation), a division of the largest electrical heating company in the world the Glen Dimplex Group, owns Dimplex. When it comes to electric heating, the Dimplex name has been charting the way forward for close to seven decades. Through innovation and investment in new ideas, Dimplex has developed more than 700 products to date, in the field of electric heating systems and appliances. To help create a better future, in relation to efficient use of energy, the brand also works closely with industry stakeholders and the government.

What Are Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters?

Dimplex Quantum storage heaters are specifically designed to solve the main weaknesses of traditional storage heaters, which have been largely considered to be obsolete in recent years. As the most efficient storage heaters on the market, Quantum heaters are designed to consume low cost energy during off peak hours and hence help you achieve the most economical electrical heating 24/7. Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by Dimplex, quantum storage heaters are the perfect replacement option for older, obsolete storage heaters.

Throughout the day, these heaters provide heating whenever necessary, as dictated by your specific lifestyle/requirements.

The following advantages of Dimplex quantum storage heaters will help shed more light on the capabilities of these highly efficient heating appliances and systems.

Benefits of Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

  • Retain more heat energy for longer as compared to older storage heaters.
  • Help you create a comfortable environment with the pre set and manual controls.
  • Easy to use controls featuring a low torque rotary knob and easily readable LCD screens.
  • Powered by low cost off peak energy.

Top Features of Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

Modern Design

For starters, Quantum storage heaters developed by Dimplex feature a sleek design that is a massive improvement on previous designs and products. The days of bulky and ugly looking storage heaters are gone thanks to the modern streamlined design of Dimplex quantum storage heaters. These heaters not only take up less space, but also go well with the existing decor of the space in which they are installed.

Improved Heat Retention Capabilities

Dimplex Quantum HeaterOne of the main drawbacks of older storage heaters is that they were criticized for losing energy throughout the day, leaving users with little to no heat at the worst time, during the evening – usually the coldest part of the day. Dimplex solved this issue by first redesigning the heat brick, through the use of new dimensions and materials. They also improved the insulation around the core by adding aerogel, a highly reliable insulation material, to the mix and introducing other refinements.

Quiet Operation

These heaters are designed with a larger heat dissipation fan that is not only more efficient at distributing the stored heat energy, but also helps reduce the noise produced during operation. To achieve the same level of output, the larger fan turns at a lower speed than the smaller versions used in older storage heaters.

Smart Controls

Dimplex quantum storage heaters rely on smart controls to give users more control over the heating functions and boost efficiency during operation. For instance the intelligent automatic charge control function uses an algorithm to learn your climate conditions and usage requirements in order to determine how much low cost energy is needed to charge the heating unit. This helps reduce and/or eliminate any unnecessary wastage.

The Costs of Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

The main costs of Dimplex quantum storage heaters include the acquisition, installation and running costs.

You can get an average of £300 off on all Dimplex quantum storage heaters and the Dimplex smart hub for free by simply switching your energy to OVO, one of the largest energy providers in the UK, thanks to the ongoing partnership between these two brands.

In terms of running costs, 90 percent of the energy consumed by these heaters is expected to by low cost off peak energy. In comparison to traditional storage heater systems, this represents energy savings to the tune of 27 percent. In comparison to an electric radiator or convection heating system this represents up to 47 percent in energy savings.


  • Mainly powered by low cost off peak energy for economic operation
  • Easily programmable settings to allow for automatic operation
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • These heaters come with a two year warranty that can be extended to 10 years


  • Challenging Controls: While the controls on the quantum storage heaters are designed to give users total control over their environment, they may appear to be too technical at times.
  • Less Efficient Than Gas Heaters: Even though Dimplex pride themselves of having developed the most efficient storage heaters, their quantum heaters are still considered to be less efficient than gas powered alternatives, simply due to the higher cost of electricity.