Understanding the merits of a heat pump is easier said than done. This is an integral part of modern-day properties and needs to be researched in detail before an investment is made. The right heat pump is able to offer tremendous value over the long-term and can make all the difference in the world.

Heat Pumps for the Home by John Cantor aims to reflect on this concept of heat pumps in his 160-pg book. This review is going to analyse whether or not the book is a valuable addition to one’s bookshelf.


New-Age Information

The information is up-to-date making it easier for homeowners new to the world of heat pumps. The average homeowner is going to be heading into this subject without enough information and this is a great starting point. It highlights everything a person would need to know if this is the route they choose to take.

The information is not only up-to-date, but it’s also easy to read making it an ideal solution for most people. Going through this book is going to offer the level of information people require in this day and age. It’s a no-brainer for homeowners.

Ideal for Homeowners and Heating Engineers

The beauty of this book comes in how viable the information is from start to finish. For example, a person that is new to the world of heat pumps will love how the text is laid out while heating engineers are going to find hidden gems too. It’s a book everyone can get behind and fall in love with.

If the goal is to make the most of this investment then it has to start here with Heat Pumps for the Home. John Cantor has done a solid job of highlighting what different people need to know with regards to heat pumps.

Easy to Read

Is the book difficult to read for those new to the topic?

No, this is one of the easiest books to read on the subject and has been written with the average person in mind. While heating engineers are going to breeze through this book, traditional homeowners will love the layout as well. There is a lot of information on offer and that’s what makes it easy.

With no more than a few hours, readers will know everything there is to know on the subject. It makes it easier than ever before to move forward with a new heat pump installation.

Quality Tips

It’s a book that is packed with new information and high-quality tips from an industry expert. Most people want to learn from the best and John Cantor is as good as it gets in the industry.

He has been around for a long time and offers tremendous advice anyone can apply to their house.

Take the time to go through these tips one by one to learn more about what’s on offer. It’s a goldmine for those who want to do things the right way.

When it comes to high-quality tips, this is an excellent starting point.


Could Provide More Examples of Installations

While this book does a tremendous job of highlighting how heat pumps work and their advantages, it’s still thin on practical installations. This means a person will have to find other sources to better understand what the installation process looks like. While this isn’t a big deal, it’s something to note down when the investment is made. This is a great foundational book and has a boatload of information on all other aspects of heat pumps.

Final Verdict

John Cantor has hit a home run with this exceptional book and has outdone himself. The level of depth and attention to detail cannot be stressed enough for those looking to understand what a heat pump does. It’s not only about recognising the finer details of a heat pump but also understanding what it’s able to offer over the long-term. A high-grade heat pump is able to offer value in a manner that’s impossible to ignore and that’s what John Cantor sheds light on.

This is an easy read and offers a necessary look into the world of heat pumps for modern property owners.