There are few comforts in life that can match what a comfortably heated swimming pool brings to the table.

Whether swimming to stay in shape, let the stress melt away from the day, or just floating around and relaxing, the warmth that comes from properly heated water adds an extra level of comfort that makes the whole experience even more enjoyable than it already is.

Modern swimming pool heat pumps are pretty amazing pieces of equipment safely using electricity to convert into heat and move that heat over to the water. However not all heat pumps are created equal! The HydroPro has garnered a lot of attention recently in the market, and that brings up the next natural question: is it really that good or is it just marketing hype?

That is a fair question, especially considering how expensive a good swimming pool heat pump can be. They HydroPro has garnered a favourable reputation based on its solid heating capacity, ability to handle a solid pool volume, and green design that uses free ambient heat collected from natural sunlight outside to help heat the pool inside. That smart energy efficiency is what a lot of people are looking for.

HydroPro Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Overview

One of the benefits of the HydroPro is its ability to work with virtually any existing pool pump. That makes this an easy quality setup that makes warming an easy and natural process that is easy to get moving the proper way and easy to maintain.

The use of outside sunlight, a solid condensor/evaporator combination, and natural integration makes them extremely reliable. Cutting through the science and technical talk, basically the warming system in this pool heater is reliable and consistent which means you can count on comfortable temperatures on a pretty consistent basis. That reliability is a major part of the reason this model has gained so much attention since the release of the product range.

A major benefit of going with this heat pump is just how “hands free” it is. The use of smart technology via microprocessor means the sensors are constantly monitored, the controls are frequently checked, and the easy to read electronic display will tell you when something needs to be looked at. No more having to frequently check to see if things are still okay or not!

Major Features to Note

There are definitely some major features worth noting on the newer models here. One is just how effective and friendly the smart microprocessor is. There are plenty of heat pumps claiming to be easy to use or that do a good job but this one actually backs up those claims. You don’t need to be an engineer to figure out what “simple” means in this case, it actually is set up to be easy and as hands off as possible. Definite plus as that makes one less thing to worry about with the pool.

Another plus is the efficiency to noise ratio. Many times having a very efficient and powerful heat pump also means that you simply have to accept that it is going to be a bit louder. However that is not the case with these particular models. The fan is very low noise and because the design went with an over-sized heat exchanger, many of the common functions here are quieter than one would expect based on industry standards.

Energy Use

Exact numbers are going to vary based on the type of weather, the utility rates in your local area, as well as the size of the pool or pond being warmed, but for many users it seems like after the initial run and setup to get everything humming along smoothly the average bill only goes up about £20-£25 per month based on additional electricity uses during the busy season.

Some people have reported more, and some have reported less, but that is a pretty reliable range to work with.

What’s The Temperature?

Generally the heater is good to get your pool up to 28 degrees Celsius to help guarantee that warm pleasant swimming experience. This is a very solid temperature and one that just about anyone should find relatively pleasant as long as they’re not a fan of Polar Bear runs.


The warranty that comes with HydroPro Swimming Pool Heat Pumps is for two years full coverage on both parts as well as necessary labour. That’s a bit above standard and adds a little extra layer of consumer protection just in case in the unlikely event that there is an actual problem or something does go wrong.

What Are the Key Specs?

For some people the general message isn’t enough and you want to know the bare bone specs, as well. In this case the new HydroPro 7 – 7kW Swimming Pool Heat Pump looks like this:

  • A full heating capacity of up to 7 kW
  • The C.O.P. performance rating of 4.3
  • Ability to handle massive amounts of water up to 6600 gallons or 30 meters cubed
  • A water connection of 50 mm
  • The size of the heat pump is 930mm x 350mm x 550mm going Length times Width times Height
  • Full 2 year warranty on both parts & labour

HydroPro Product Range and Technical Specs


Capacity A15/W25

Motor Power

COP at A15/W25

Max. Pool Vol. m³

Vol. Flow Rate m³/h

HydroPro 53,70,934,018,02,5
HydroPro 74,31,024,222,02,5
HydroPro 106,51,484,433,02,8
HydroPro 138,21,864,440,03,5
HydroPro 1813,02,514,965,04,6
HydroPro 2214,53,454,275,06,2
HydroPro 22T14,53,454,275,06,2
HydroPro 2616,53,934,285,06,2
HydroPro 26T16,53,934,285,06,2

So What’s The Final Verdict?

When looking at how the HydroPro models compare to others on the market, there’s a lot to really love about what they bring to the table. This is premium quality at an affordable price that falls right into the reasonable range for the market. That is a rare combination to find all in one place, and in addition to that HydroPro Swimming Pool heat pumps really looks to be environmentally friendly, it is surprisingly quiet and works effectively.

In other words, it actually delivers. In addition, despite the fact this heat pump actually needs to be hard wired in, this is actually fairly easy to do and makes it easy to install, easy to run, and at a utility price that won’t bust your budget. Definitely approved!