Air purification is all about performance, eliminating unwanted contaminants, and creating a healthier living environment that’s perfect for inhabitants.

Keeping this in mind, Phillips is a company that continues to work towards designing high-end air purifiers that are perfect for new-age living spaces.

It’s time to review the Philips Series 3000i AC3259/60 Air Purifier and see whether or not it holds up to the company’s standards.

This review will look at the key features, pros, and cons before coming up with a final verdict.

About Phillips

Phillips has become one of the world’s leading health tech companies and continues to design a wide array of consumer-friendly products, including air purification devices.

This company is headquartered in the heart of the Netherlands. It has become a leader in technology for its emphasis on consumer insights, integrated solutions, and new-age designs.

Key Features

Multiple Modes

There are five modes to choose from, including the heralded “Night Mode,” which allows users to run the air purifier without any noise at all. It gently runs in the background without making a sound, and that’s useful when running it with a newborn baby or during a quiet night.

There’s also a “Turbo Mode,” which allows users to see the full might of this air purifier once it’s running at 100% power.

Intelligent Purification

Philips 3000i Air Purifier WifiThis air purifier is designed around the idea of intelligent purification, which uses an activated carbon filter, which eliminates 99.99% of all contaminants in the air leading to a healthier environment and breathable air for everyone in the room.

This method is automated, which is ideal for those who want a hands-off approach throughout the day and want to leave it running when at work/school.

Wifi Integration

The WiFi app provides a way to connect to the air purifier and make adjustments remotely. You can control and monitor the 3000i from anywhere using the ‎Air Matters app.

Alexa Integration

Alexa is a well-noted software for voice activation and control. This software is integrated into the Philips AC3259/60 Air Purifier, allowing users to make quick adjustments with nothing more than their voice. It’s responsive, fun, and perfect for the average room.


Excellent Coverage

The coverage is spectacular, and there are different models available based on the space users want to cover. Whether it’s a small-sized room or a larger one, this is a power-packed air purifier that’s going to keep up every step of the way.

In general, the maximum coverage is set at 95 squared metres, which is respectable and offers more than enough coverage for the average room.

Easy to Use

Philips 3000i AC3259 60 Air PurifierIt is easy to use, and that’s great for those who want to make adjustments on the go. It has a unique timer, Alexa integration, and a good set of buttons that make it easy to set up as you want.

Quiet Operation

The air purifier is often assumed to make a lot of noise, but that’s not the case here. This is one of the quieter air purifiers being sold on the market right now, and Phillips has done a remarkable job with the five different modes.

You can switch over to the Night Mode when it’s time to go to bed and not have to worry about contaminants in the air or overwhelming noise.

Voice Control with Alexa

Voice control is a significant plus point for those who are used to being away from the air purifier around the house. By simply letting the air purifier know with your voice, you can regulate how it’s functioning.

It is empowering for those who want to do things the right way and want a high-tech air purifier at home.

Robust Build Quality

While it has a sleek build that is easy on the eyes and settles into any living space, it is also made with high-quality materials.

The build makes it ideal for those who want a long-lasting air purifier and don’t want to worry about it breaking on them due to natural wear and tear.

In this case, the air purifier will last for a long time and is going to look the part too.


WiFi App is Inconsistent

While the WiFi app is designed to offer continuous assistance and connectivity, it can be challenging to set up initially. This has to do with needing a separate 2.4 GHz channel, which doesn’t always work with a person’s router in the area.

Philips 3000i Air Purifier Night ModeThe connection is strong once connected, but this can take a bit of work for the average person.

It’s not as user-friendly compared to the rest of the air purifier’s features.

In some cases, you may get knocked off the app, which can be troublesome.

No Scheduling

The company advertises a scheduling feature, but it’s more of a timer.

For those who are thinking about scheduling everything well in advance, this will not happen with the Philips AC3259/60 Air Purifier. Instead, you can quickly head into the settings and lock in the timer between a particular time (i.e., 12 AM to 4 AM).

This is a bit difficult at times, but the timer is easy to use.

Final Verdict

The Philips Series 3000i AC3259/60 Air Purifier is an exceptional solution for your room and offers a wonderful selection of high-tech features. The attention to detail, sleek design profile, and overall quality are going to leave you impressed with this excellent air purifier.

The automated monitoring, easy to use remote control options, and adjustable settings offer a complete experience that’s perfect when it comes to consistent results.

Air purification is a long-term play, and it needs to be handled with the right solution. This is one of the top air purifiers in the UK, it gets the job done for all types of rooms.