With so many varieties of panel heaters around, homeowners are often spoilt for choice when doing their shopping. But, with the Purus Panel Heater, there shouldn’t be a second thought on whether they need to see another heater. It is, by far, the best Slimline Electric Radiator thermostat one can ever imagine.

Unmatched Features

The success of this panel heater is due to the combination of several factors. Its makers have made sure that users wouldn’t have any problem with the design or safety measures. This heater comes with digital electric radiators rated IP24, which are safe to use in the bathrooms, thanks to the splash-proof construction and design. They provide mounting brackets to attach the heater on the bathroom wall. However, users need to make sure they contact an experienced electrician to install it in a bathroom.

There are three heating modes that people can use: comfort mode, economy mode, and frost-free mode. This is one of the rare panel heaters that have energy-efficient technology. Its integral precision thermostat is crucial for regulating the energy consumption of the heater. This feature allows the electric convector heater to automatically switch on or off depending on the temperature the user needs, thus helping them to save money on electric bills.

The heater warms up to a preset temperature that is comfortable enough for the room. This provides a low radiant heating effect, which is perfect for even heat distribution in the room where the heater is installed. Users will not have to fiddle around with the buttons if they don’t have to schedule the heater or manually change the temperature. Depending on the size of the room and the outside weather, the heater can adjust its temperature to provide utmost comfort to the users.

Design and Installation

The Purus Panel Heater is lightweight, weighing just 5.8 kgs. Its sleek modern design is exactly the kind of stuff homeowners look for in panel heaters. This beast of a heater works silently without letting the user know when the room is getting warmer. The convector heater timer provides the most accurate temperature readings so that homeowners can increase or decrease it according to their comfort level.

The design of this model is so unique that it is ideal for bungalows, conservatories, caravans, loft conversions, cottages, apartments, and small offices. Another reason why users are satisfied with this heater is its easy DIY installation. Unless they are installing it in the bathroom, it is a matter of minutes before they can install the unit in their room and start using the heater.

The electric radiator comes with a 1.5-meter power cable that the user needs to plug in, and that’s all about the installation they should know. Since installing it in the bathroom will need them to attach the unit on the wall, it is wise to contact an electrician who can do that.

This panel heater has a child-lock function so that kids can’t operate it without the supervision of their parents. It also has auto open window detection. This will detect the sudden drop in temperature of the heater so that it can switch off to save power.

Scheduled Heating

Probably the most unique feature of the Purus Panel Heater is its 24 x 7 digital timer. This fully programmable panel heater lets users set a weekly heating schedule that suits their lifestyle. If they want the room to heat up at 6 o’ clock in the morning, all they have to do is schedule the heater accordingly, and it will light up at 6. This also offers full flexibility to homeowners to apply different heat settings for every hour when they are home. From -5 to 50 degrees Celsius, users can regulate the temperature according to the weather outside.


This panel heater has a 2-year guarantee. So, if there is anything wrong with the unit, the manufacturer will replace it; no questions asked. However, if the unit suffers from any physical damage, there won’t be any replacement. It has to be a genuine malfunction of the heater. But, the chances of the unit running into such an issue are rare. The makers have designed the heater, keeping in mind the new EU 2018 regulations.

Final Verdict

The Purus Panel Heater is one of a kind. It is undoubtedly the most advanced panel heater of this era. Those who are looking for a small, compact, and stylish heater for their house should buy this model now. With a 2-year guarantee, there is hardly any other variant that will come close to the features that this one offers, and that too at a price that suits the budget of homeowners.