Skirting boards have been traditionally used for aesthetic purposes, hiding the joint where the walls meet the floor, in many homes and buildings. However, they are now being used to perform a heating function as well thanks to the introduction of skirting board heating, a recent invention that is making waves in the world of heating indoor spaces.

What Is Skirting Board Heating?

Skirting Board heating in its basic form is completely similar to traditional skirting boards in appearance. However, this product comes with a unique heating system built into their internal structure.

It is worth mentioning that skirting board heating is a little bit like under floor heating in that they do not take up any additional floor space, while still being capable of heating up as fast as radiators.

How Does Skirting Board Heating Work?

To understand how skirting board heating works, you need to understand the different types available. There are two main types of skirting board heating systems:

Electric Skirting Board Heating

Room with SkirtingElectric skirting board heating heat up rooms/internal spaces to the desired temperature, these heating systems include are designed with electric cables running through their structure. For purposes of controlling the room temperature, an electric thermostat is also included in the set up. Electric skirting board heating shouldn’t be confused with electric skirting board heaters, which are a freestanding or wall mountable heating solution.

Water Skirting Board Heating

Water skirting board heating heat up the space in question to the desired temperature wet skirting board heating systems are designed with feed and return pipes used to circulate hot water through the entire system. The hot water fed through the system comes from a boiler.

Even though both of these systems have low operating temperatures, they are capable of heating up a space in a short amount of time, as previously stated above. To heat up a room, the heat from skirting board heating rises from the ground up.

What Are the Benefits of Skirting Board Heating?

Skirting board heating is becoming more and more popular by the day due to their associated benefits. These include:

Easy Installation

Straight from the start, this heating system is one of the easiest to install and even retrofit. This means lower costs and minimal interruption of your daily routine or operations.

Do not Occupy Additional Floor Space

Since this heating system is hidden underneath the structure of skirting boards, its installation does not come with the need for additional floor space. To make things even better, switching out traditional radiators in favour of skirting heating gives you the opportunity to create even more space.


Unlike radiators, skirting board heating systems do not have any crevices or nooks in which dust and even germs can find their way into. This means that with this new heating system installed in your home or office, you no longer have to worry about harbouring dirt and germs. To demonstrate this, the National Health Services is even said to be in the process of trying out this novel heating system in medical facilities.

Energy Saving

Skirting board heating not only makes it possible for you to keep rooms comfortably warm throughout but also ensures that you save on heating costs as well. This new heating system has been seen to be substantially more energy efficient than traditional radiators.

Last but not least, skirting board heating facilitate even distribution of heat around the space in question.

What Should I Consider Before Installing a Skirting Board Heating?

This new heating system is clearly an improvement on some of the existing options. However, to make an informed decision, it is important for buyers to consider a few important factors before choosing skirting board heating.

Room Size

The ability and efficiency of these heaters is dependent on the size of the space in question. Using skirting board heating to heat expansive rooms may be somewhat of a challenge, leaving some cold pockets of space, given the fact that these systems operate at lower flow temperatures. In such cases, other alternatives, such as radiators, may be a better fit.

Building Design

Skirting board heating is installed along walls. This means that their heating effect may not be felt in older properties where the draughts are common along the edges of most rooms.

What Is Thermaskirt?

Skirting BoardCurrently the leading brand when it comes to the field of skirting board heating, Thermaskirt is owned by the DiscreteHeat Company. There are two skirting board heating products under this highly successful brand, Thermaskirt-e and Thermaskirt h20. The former is their electric powered heating system while the latter is a wet/hot water powered system.

According to the manufacturer, their products are designed to work with renewable energy sources such as solar and air source heat pumps, as well as a variety of boilers, including gas, biomass, wood pellet and oil powered variants.

The energy saving properties of Thermaskirt products were tested against traditional radiators by a third party, with findings indicating that these skirting products are 20 percent more efficient than radiators.

In addition to the many benefits of skirting heaters, Thermaskirt products are also designed with handy compartments designed to accommodate a variety of cables, including electric and phone cables.

What is ClimaBoard?

ClimaBoard is another skirting heating product that is back on the market after having been unavailable for a brief period. There are two products marketed under the brand, their wet or hydraulic heating system and an electric heating system.

The wet version of the product can be powered by hot water obtained from a variety of sources including oil, wood, gas and electrical heat pumps.

Their electric skirting board heating product on the other hand relies on the use of electric elements to provide the necessary heat energy. This version of their product is mainly designed for use in applications where hot water sources are hard to come by or impractical to install.

How Much Does Skirting Board Heating Cost to Install?

The total cost of having skirting board heating installed is substantially lower than its closes and most similar competitor, underfloor heating. While the actual installation cost of having skirting heating installed is dependent on a variety of factors, such as system type and room size among others, it is below the 40 pounds per linear metre cost associated with under floor heating.

Since it is only installed along the walls of a room, and not under the entire floor as is the case with under floor heating, the cost is substantially reduced.

The installation of electronic systems should be handled by a qualified professional electrician while that of wet systems should be handled by qualified professional engineer.

How Much Does Skirting Board Heating Cost to Run?

It is much cheaper to run skirting board heating than it is to run traditional heating systems such as radiators. For instance, in the case of Thermaskirt systems which have been tested by a reputable third party have been found to be 20 percent more efficient than radiators; translating into lower energy bills altogether.


After going through the above, it is abundantly clear that skirting board heating is a much superior option to some traditional heating options such as radiators. Choosing this modern option not only ensures that you warm up interior spaces efficiently, but also makes it possible for you to save on floor space.