When it comes to cooling down a room, there are many methods. Here we have rounded them all up for the top 25 ways to cool down a room fast.

Ways to Cool Down a Room

1. Use a Fan

The following types of fans can cool down a room:

Types of Fans

  • Bladeless fans work like traditional fans, but they don’t have blades.
  • Desk fans are small enough to fit on a desk. They’re designed to cool off a small area.
  • Portable fans are exactly what they sound like, fans that are lightweight and can be easily moved from one room to the next.
  • Ceiling fans are installed in the ceiling, and can be turned on/off via a switch and/or a cord that hangs from the fan.
  • Pedestal fans sit on a stand and the height can be adjusted.
  • Tower fans are quiet, slim and vertical. They’re perfect for small spaces or cramped spaces.
  • Floor fans sit on the floor and can usually be adjusted to blow air in a specific direction.

If you are looking for a fan, please check out our list and reviews of the best fans available.

2. Use Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is extremely effective. It works by sucking in air from the outside, converting the warm air to cold air, and then blowing the cold air into the room.

3. Use a Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner is small, compact and can easily be moved from place to place. They work just like regular air conditioners. Once plugged in, choose the setting, and cold air will start to be blown out of it.

4. Put Ice in Front of a Fan

Place a bucket of ice in front of a fan. It will blow the air over the bucket. In turn, cold air will blow around the room.

5. Use a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier UnitA dehumidifier removes or reduces humidity in a room. The more humid a room is, the hotter a room will feel. A good dehumidifier will cool off a room, and best of all, most dehumidifiers are small enough to be placed on a bed-stand.

6. Use an Air Cooler

Air coolers convert warm air into cold air. Unlike air conditioners, air coolers don’t rely on refrigerant gas. Not only that, but they typically don’t use as much electricity as air conditioners.

7. Use Your Bathroom and Kitchen Extractor Fans

Extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen can be used to cool off a room. They can do this by bringing in fresh air into the room. Extractor fans aren’t the most effective ways of cooling a room off, but they can still work pretty well.

8. Use a Ductless HVAC System

Installing a ductless HVAC system is expensive, but it’s probably the best way to cool off a room. The best systems quickly cool off rooms, and they can be used to cool several rooms. In fact, they can cool an entire property.

9. Use Heat Pumps for Cooling

Heat pumps kind of resemble portable air conditioners and tower fans. However, they take air from indoors and turns it into cold air. Inside a heat pump is an exchanger, which is responsible for converting the indoor air to cold air.

10. Close Curtains and Blinds

A lot of people tend to leave their blinds and curtains open, even on the sunniest of days. Unfortunately, keeping the blinds and curtains open can make rooms heat up and remain hot for long periods. During the hottest period of the day, one should keep the blinds and curtains closed.

Alternatively, if a person is away from home all day long, then they can make sure the curtains and blinds stay closed, as this will prevent heat from the outdoors from entering the room.

11. Create a Cross Breeze

Cooling AppliancesThis method is easy and effective. Place two fans diagonally of each other and then turn them on. This will create a cross breeze, and in turn, will cool off the room.

12. Create a Draught

Creating a draught requires opening all of the windows in a property, but only a crack. It’s also a good idea to open up doors to each room. This should be sufficient enough, but if a draught isn’t strong enough, then place a portable fan near a window or in the middle of a room. This should help create a stronger draught.

13. Avoid Using the Oven or Hob

Don’t make a habit of using the oven or hob during the daytime hours. Ovens and hobs heat rooms as it is, but using them in hot summer months can heat rooms even faster. Simply not using a stove or hob will lead to a room being able to cool down more efficiently.

14. Don’t Use Appliances That Produce Heat

Asides from not using the oven or hobs, one should not use appliances that produce a lot of heat. Limit using such appliances as tumble dryers, dishwashers and washing machines.

15. Turn Off Devices, Computers and Screens

Devices such as phones, computers and small gadgets emit heat. When a person is using these devices, then they’ll likely feel the heat coming out of them. It’s a good idea to dim the screens on the devices, as well as shut them off completely when they are not in use.

16. Use Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets can keep a person cool while they sleep. Cotton is a natural material and is known for not causing sleepers to wake up in a sweat. This is because cotton is a breathable material and cotton sheets have sweat-wicking abilities.

17. Use The Egyptian Method of Sleeping

The Egyptian sleeping method involves lowering the temperature of the body by stretching out between sheets that are damp and cool. By doing this, the sleeper will remain cool, even on the hottest nights.

The method is straightforward to do. All one has to do is soak their sheets and or put them through the washing machine, but remove the sheets after they’ve gone through half of the spin cycle. This will result in the sheets being damp.

18. Turn off the Lights

HVAC SystemTurning the lights off in a room is an excellent way to keep the air cold. When lights are turned on, heat is emitted through them. In turn, it’ll be harder to keep a room cooled down.

By keeping the lights on, heat will keep on being released into the room, which is why it’s best to turn them off.

19. Switch to CFL or LED Bulbs

Besides switching lights off, it’s worth switching to either CFL light bulbs or LED light bulbs. The average 100-watt incandescent bulbs emit far more heat than a CFL or LED bulb. By making the switch, less heat will be generated when the lights are in use.

20. Use Heat Reflective Window Film

There is film that can go over a window, and the purpose of this film (known as heat reflective film) is to reflect heat.

When the film is installed, heat from the outside should be reflected. How much heat this type of window film can keep out depends on various factors. However, the key is to invest in high-quality heat reflective window film, as this will do the best job at keeping heat out.

Using heat reflective window film works great on its own. To get the most from it, use the film on all windows, not just windows in the rooms that are used the most.

21. Open Windows at Night

Keeping windows open at night is one of the best ways to cool off a room or even an entire home. As soon as it becomes evening, open the windows that are in the room that needs to be cooled off. Don’t forget to keep the doors shut to the room/rooms.

Keeping windows open at night works well because the air is naturally cooler at night. Even on hot nights, the air is usually always cooler than it is during the day. In turn, the air will get into the room, and it will cool the room off.

22. Hang a Wet Sheet

A little-known method to keeping a room cool is by hanging a wet sheet up in front of an open window. Although the air outside is hot, it will convert to cooler air once the breeze passes through the wet blanket.

Bear in mind the sheet doesn’t need to be drenched or anything like that. Make sure the sheet is damp.

23. Insulate Your Home

Another good way to cool rooms off is to insulate a room. An even better idea is to insulate the entire home properly. Colder air will linger for longer periods in an insulated home than it would if a home wasn’t insulated.

Insulation acts as a barrier in parts of the home such as the roof, ceiling and walls.

24. Close off Unused Rooms

When a room isn’t in use, then it should be closed off. The more doors that are opened, the less cool the room a person is in will feel. Cool air can remain confined to specific areas when unused rooms are closed off.

25. Focus on Your Body Temperature

Keeping the body cool is a good way to ensure one is cool, no matter how hot a room is. The best ways to focus on body temperature is by staying hydrated, drinking cold drinks or using cold compresses.

Other ways include sleeping alone, sleeping low and creating distance between oneself and others in the same room. Taking cold showers, using a hot water bottle with cold water or using a cool pad pillow toppers are additional ways people can try.

Ways to Cool Down a Room Infographic

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Ways to Cool Down a Room


Those are the top 25 ways to cool down a room. It’s advisable to try a few of them to determine which method works the best. With so many ways to cool down a room, it should be easy to find the right approach for you.