Air quality in large urban areas can be quite problematic. Luckily, various appliances and gadgets have been developed for the purpose of improving air quality at home or in the office. Winix Zero Air Purifier is one of these products.

The Winix Zero Air Purifier offers four-stage filtration, effective pollen and fine dust removal, as well as smoke control.

How does it compare to other air purification systems, however? Does it offer an optimal price to quality ratio? The following product review is going to answer these important questions.

What Is the Winix Zero Air Purifier?

The Winix Zero Air Purifier is a popular air purifier, mainly for residential needs. It is a powerful appliance that can get rid of dust, pollen, smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pet dander and other common airborne allergens and pollutants.

Winix is a South Korean company founded back in 1973. It focuses entirely on the development of water and air treatment solutions for both industrial and residential use.

The current range of products includes air purifiers, humidifiers, water coolers, dehumidifiers and others. Winix Zero is one of the newer additions.

This particular model is created for use in rooms and premises of up to 100 square metres. This specification makes it a pretty versatile machine that’s great for homes, offices and even larger shops or retail spaces.

While it isn’t the cheapest purifier on the market, the Winix Zero does come with an excellent price to quality ratio. The air purifier is equipped with several advanced features that ensure its effectiveness and excellent air purification results.Winix Zero

Key Features

The machine uses the Winix four-stage air purifier system. The system consists of four distinct filters – a pre-filter, a carbon filter, a 99.97 per cent true HEPA filter and the Winix PlasmaWave proprietary technology.

PlasmaWave refers to a specialised technological solution that creates hydroxyl molecules. Hydroxyl occurs naturally in the atmosphere and is a very effective substance when it comes to oxidising pollutants. Some studies suggest that hydroxyl is 2.5 times more deadly to germs than ozone, and it has better fungicidal properties than chlorine. At the same time, it doesn’t produce any harmful by-products during that oxidation.

As a result, hydroxyl is one of the best substances used for the destruction of viruses, bacteria, mould and spores.

Apart from its high quality filters, the Winiz Zero Air Purifier has a number of other features worth mentioning:

  • A particle sensor that monitors air quality and provides a colour indication of its current state
  • Sleep mode that keeps the filtration going quietly to prevent disturbances
  • Automatic mode that selects the filtration settings on the basis of air quality
  • 4 different fan speeds to choose among
  • Low power consumption to make the use of the air purifier energy efficient
  • Timer
  • Lightweight and compact: the machine measures 38 x 20.8 x 60 cm and its weight is seven kilograms
  • Maximum air flow capacity of 390 cubic metres per hour
  • Tested and certified as effective by an array of reputable institutions, including Allergy UK and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM)

It’s essential to change the filters as per the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal performance. More information on the frequency of needed change is available in the Winix Zero Air Purifier user manual.


THE Winix Zero Air Purifier has received predominantly positive reviews. Most people who acquired the appliance are happy with just how silent and powerful it is. In addition, the change in air quality after the use of Winix Zero was noticeable.

Let’s take a look at some of the Winix Zero biggest advantages first:

  • Very powerful filtration system that gets rid of the most common allergens and pollutants. The appliance is an excellent choice for families that have young children, asthma and allergy sufferers, as well as those suffering from chronic respiratory conditions.
  • Considered one of the best air purifiers for the removal of mould, germs and pathogens from the air.
  • Intelligent functioning allows for the adjustment of operations as soon as the machine’s sensors detect a change in air quality.
  • The night mode is a convenient feature that keeps Winix Zero operational and silent while you’re sleeping.
  • Extra carbon filters are included in the original kit provided with the purchase of the appliance.
  • Lightweight, easy to install and easy to move around.Winix Zero Front Panel


There aren’t that many negative reviews, but the Winix Zero Air Purifier does miss the mark in a couple of important ways:

  • No remote control is included in the kit. All of the adjustments have to be made from the display on the appliance itself.
  • Does not have an air humidification function.
  • Some buyers have complained about the fact that Winix Zero is more expensive in the UK than in some other countries where the appliance is available.

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Final Verdict

The Winix Zero Air Purifier is a high-quality air purification appliance that does exactly what it promises.

Anyone who is dealing with poor air quality, smoke, allergens or other kinds of urban pollutants will benefit from acquiring the machine.

The overwhelming majority of people who have already acquired the air purifier confirm its effectiveness and the positive change in air quality after its installation.

The Winix Zero Air Purifier is costlier than other air purification appliances, but has many functions that will be difficult to find in cheaper machines. The germ and mould elimination through proprietary PlasmaWave technology is one example.

Winix Zero can be used effectively in pretty big rooms. Its four fans are powerful enough to guarantee consistent air movement and the removal of pollutants from larger spaces. If you are looking for an appliance that can function in an even larger room, choose the Winix Zero Pro – the bigger counterpart of the Zero.

The final verdict is this – anyone comfortable with the price and the capacity of Winix Zero will be happy with the purchase. Once the machine is put in position and set to automatic operations, the positive change will be almost instantaneous.

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